2500 juive kills

What’s the fastest way to get 2500 juvie kills I keep playing escape but the 2 other players keep getting all the juive kills please help thanks

Could play Escape solo and see if that works better?

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play Escape as Lahni with tons of melee damage, find a spot with tons of juvies after a checkpoint (like in “The Hive”, has a chance to be the enmy set directly after the first checkpoint). Kill them all then die, restart from checkpoint.

I haven’t done this personally as i think I will get my kills just from plying, but one user reported this got it for him quickly.


Do the kills count when u restart at check point

Yep, all kills count towards the challenge, regardless of whether you finish the Hive or restart the checkpoint.

Sweet so I could do the same thing with 250 head shots with mac

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Start a private escape on the hive. Right before entering the room before the safe room there is a weapon room (on the right) with grenades. Save them for right after the safe room. About 15 juvies will spawn, when you have killed them just restart checkpoint (restart act) and thats it.


Checkpointing on The Mines didn’t count for my Juvies kill progress. I restarted, killed Juvies, got myself killed. Repeated. Then quit to Main Menu, but it didn’t move. It didn’t work by restarting beginning or the Act Safe Room of The Mines. It might be Map specific issue.

Either way, I just did the Mines, from start to finish. I had to do 50 Past Hives Medal anyway. So I went left path for Shock Grenades and Ammo Boxes for Boltok on Mac. Then went right Act Safe Room, which is filled with most Juvies, Hunters and Snipers. Just headshot all enemies with Boltok. Threw Shock at Juvie pack.

Got like 40 to 50 Juvies killed, every The Mines run.

Yup. On Hive (Escape) immediately after the saferoom you come across a group of enemies which is random and can turn out to be a group of about 15 Juvies. It’s super quick to kill them using Lahni’s Ultimate ability then restart from the saferoom.

However the group is predesignated at the start so doesn’t change when you reload the check point. So if you get Juvies, every time you restart from the checkpoint that group remain Juvies.

It may take a few tries to get the Juvies of course. Hypothetically you could end up with a group of Grenadiers instead.

I just played normally on solo Escape to work on my other Medals and once the Juvies pop up at this stage, then take the opportunity to work on this exploit instead.


This is much better worded than my post.