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25 minutes and still going :')

I’ve been waiting for 25 minutes on a game of escape.

no one seems to be playing escape, but I need to play escape, so I can unlock debees :o

Try the lobby browser for Custom matches. Even if you don’t find any suitable lobbies it shouldn’t be difficult to run the hives solo for the DB.

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its just sad, because I want nicer cards :confused:

Then you can play The Clock or The Surge on Insane or Inconceivable. With others. In Custom Lobby.


I have no friends on pc or xbox all my friends are on playstation :frowning:

You don’t need friends to do this. You’d be joining or letting randoms join you. Can add people you get along with. When I started Gears 5 back in September, I had almost zero friends.

oh so its like a custom lobby, iis that where everyone is?

Yes, the ones that are more serious about completing matches or grinding something.

The same rule applies for Horde matches. You want to avoid Public and go for Custom.


thanks for the tip!

Just to throw this out there even though I’m sure you know but you are better restarting the lobby a few times because I think the matchmaking gets stuck in a loop sometimes…

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