22 000 credits no Ncog characters, 2000 cr packs 👎

Well, you said same drop rate for a character but I have always had at least one character within 10 to 15K with 400cr packs.
You obviously wants us to buy megapack, shame on you…
I will never ever spend 1 dollar in your RNG…

It’s the nature of RNG.

22k. That’s not that bad!

I posted earlier…dropped 80k no NCOG characters whatsoever.

The RNG is amazing. I manged male and female in 4 packs, I will not chase the skins as I already have a couple of weapons and the Scan and Pulse set which are very similar.

I’m not getting cocky by the way, I dropped 80’000 on RAAM, never got him and 70’000 on Myrrah, never got her. I do have them now but still, I was not happy at the time.

Fingers crossed for your next pack.

Hah, I spent 26k on NCOG. got only two female characters (but collected whole weapon set).
With Myrrah’s packs was even funnier. I spent around 30k. I’ve got legendary in EVERY SINGLE pack! And none of them were Myrrah.

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There haven’t been a single Gears Pack where I never got a Legendary Character.
I find it difficult to believe that people don’t manage to drop certain Legendaries.
If so, then it’s pure bad luck.

It does happen. I have missed out on a few characters, at least first time around.

That’s crazy. I got the male in my very first pack. I spent around 50k just to complete the weapon skins. I ended up with about 6 male and 4 female.

I spent 52k and completed weapon set but only got 2 male marines, no females :confused:

Its especially annoying when they originally said the packs would be 400cr each.