21 NCOG packs, no female NCOG?

This is the second pack where I spend over 40000 credits and don’t even get both the characters. I got 3 male NCOG but no females. This also happened back with the helmetless UIR. I get I’m just not meant to play as the female versions. I just wish they’d make the packs more like the ones on halo 5, at least with those you’ll always get something new until you got everything.

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Typical rng for you. Waste all your credits to get the chance that you get what you want. All out of credits keep playing our game to earn those credits or you can spend some real money and take your chances

I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me when i was trying to get the armored kantus way back when. I was lucky enough to get both NCOG characters in only 5 packs, which has never happened before.

Still, what you’ve went through is complete BS and TC should just allow players to use scrap to create new pack characters when they debut, rather than 9 months down the road.

ive probably opened the same amount of packs and got no characters.