2019.Next Series 3 Drop Characters Idea Thread

Day Of The Dead Anya
Helmetless Uir Female
Helmetless Uir Elite Female
Helmetless Uir Male
Helmetless Uir Elite Male
Day Of The Dead Baird
DB Industries Baird
Zombie Anthony Carmine
Zombie Benjamin Carmine
Zombie Gary Carmine
Ncog Marine Female
Ncog Marine Male
Superstar Cole
Thrashball Cole
Lieutenant Walker
Big Rig Dizzy
Gearsmas Sweater Dizzy
Classic Golden Gear
Golden Gear
David Nash’s Armored JD
Lieutenant Fenix
Mike Sandoval’s Armored JD
Nanami Cowdroy’s Armored JD
Ricardo Garcia’s Armored JD
Ugly Gearsmas Armor JD
Outer Wilds Kait
Vintage Kait
Day Of The Dead Marcus
Santa’s Little Helper Oscar
Festive Tree Dr1
Construction Shepherd
Ninja Deadeye
Spectre Deadeye
Lambent Drone
Thrashball Locust Drone
Lambent Grenadier
Lambent Grenadier Elite
Armored Kantus
Elite Stalker Kantus
Stalker Armored Kantus
Vold Raam
Uzil Sraak
Helmetless Theron
Savage Theron
Theron Guard
Theron Sentinel
Cheetah Swarm Drone
Festive Swarm Drone
Snow Leopard Swarm Drone
Tiger Swarm Drone
Gearsmas Sweater Imago
Gingerbread Imago
Heavy Scion

in case you haven’t noticed this guy doesnt ever actually give ideas he just lists off every character that doesnt have the blacksteel treatment or in this case isnt released for scrap just dis-regard it lol




he’s gotta put in his recurring thread about skins to get his fix

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Can’t wait to see his gears 5 list when Gears 5 becomes available next year


Part of me hopes Gears 5 will just have something like 20 launch skins and that’s that -no additional packs or post launch skins - just the launch stuff. Just to spite thus guy.

I say just go with 4 character skins each side. Just the main characters 4 blue and 4 red. No more skins

or have us level up to unlock skins with no more rng packs

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Nah, not even that. Just a handful of default skins and make it clear nothing more in the way of custom skins will be added post-launch. I doubt it will stop people from posting inane posts like this, but it will frustrate them and make them feel sad and angry. And that makes me feel warm inside cos I’m a horrible person. :grinning:


let’s just go back to the gow1 days

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Yeah and people will say “You owe us TC, your fans” lol

they will come back and say bring back the rng packs out of desperation

hahaha then they will bad mouth them as well by saying how unfair they are lol can’t win

But since there are idiots out there that have literally spent thousands on skins, this will never happen.

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They go in by groups not all at once Homie

Communication seems complicated here…

Jan 2019 lets see what characters go in series 3 this month