2019 Multiplayer Low Population

Any Europe or UK based players finding it hard to find games recently?

Currently average wait time is 10-20mins between matches and I’m lucky to find any matches after 12am.

The player count has seen to drop off a cliff at the start of the month, just wondering if there’s any tips for looking for matches in the UK?

I mainly play ranked KOTH and TDM, so i don’t think they’re nische modes either.

Uk KOTH player here. Manage to get games pretty quickly most evenings from 19:00- midnight. I’m nearly always Gold rank though be it 1,2 or 3 depending on the day!

Are you too highly skilled ? A few of the GearsGods on here cant find games as their rank is to high.
Also are you Xbox or PC that will also make a difference.

I’ve just turned gold, but these ranks are all made up anyway, whats the point ranking up when there’s not enough of a spread of players? Would like an original gow1 style of host and lobby so we can look for games ourselves.

I only play the weekends and there’s hardly anyone to pair up with, but this forum is so active you’d think there’s a decent population base.

I play with 2 pc players and we found matches regularly up until this month, when you get 2/3 matches over 3 hours, not sure if pc players are a problem?

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@III_EnVii_III those are rookie numbers lol


That’s a dream scenario tbh :eyes:


I was in. U.S. though. Until today. We played a few matches. EVERY match was bullsht. Last match we won round one fairly easily. They then have pings jump into the hundreds for the next two rounds. Plus, and this is amazing, we spawn. This is a side spawn on canals. They eat our shots and just bum rush us. So the guy playing Cole rushes in and does die. After killing 3 of us. And spawns on us. Spawn protection and another weapon for them. Dies and runs in again. Spawn protection and bullets not registering the rest of the way. I had never quit but I just went to the dash and uninstalled the game. Gears 5? NO.

It was sick because every single spawn we would get would be far enough away that we could not get on them with spawn protection. They would literally spawn RIGHT ON TOP OF US. Always Diamond players that do this ■■■■. So not finding a match for me would have been a plus.

I didn’t think it could get any worse lol

When gears 5 gets announced I assume there’ll be a mini spike of interest leading up to release, then waiting times might be less than 20 years


I honestly don’t understand why you EU guys still play Ranked. I’ve sat for hours in lobbies with @III_EnVii_III. Whereas I can get games instantly in the US.


It’s so we play humans all the time, rather than social matches with bots.

Is there anyway to search for matches against the US or am I stuck on europe players only?

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Searching with low ranked US east coast players in your lobby helps a ton. I’m an Onyx 3, so I’m not as much help. But you should get instant games with a Bronze or Silver.
Or you could create a smurf account. But that would only work for a couple games. The game is able to determine your actual skill level fairly quickly.

What Rank are you? Are you console or PC?


Whats a smurf account?

Gold in KOTH and bronze for TDM, and I play with silver KOTH PC players.

But I didn’t think it’ll be that strict considering there’s hardly players in the game anymore. man TC are so rubbish with updates.

I heard the PC guys have it worst apparently?


Oh yeah. @III_EnVii_III is a Diamond PC player, and he has waited hours for games. And even with me, it can still take hours.

A smurf is just an alt-account

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If you are EU PC,

The only way I find games is after 12am and with a low rank in my team.

It sucks because I cannot play anywhere near my level when I’m falling asleep.

Your best bet is to use LFG and find a low USA based player.

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I think the problem is the time difference and maybe your 3 man squad size plus having pc players in your party.

Us US players are playing most when it is really early in the morning for the UK players. Im talking like 2:00 or 3:00. Then when they are trying to get on to play we are all starting to log off for that day.

Plus they restricted everyone by region because every body complained out people playing out of thier region. When this game first came out we could choose which server to search for matches on. Complaints flooded in about region hoppers blah blah and TC locked us into our local region and only expands the search into other regions after a certain amount of time.

Squad size is factored when you search and it will try to match you against another squad first then fill in randoms to make up the difference.

The pc players have a really hard time because most xbox players turn crossplay off because they are afraid of pc players supposed advantage over thier xbox and controller.

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Thought I’d check in on the Gears forum. Its dead, just like the game is. The game died a long time ago. Region lock killed the game even faster. The game is even on Gamepass and its still dead. The game offers 4000 achievement points too and the percentage of most them being completed are extremely low. I played Gears from day one and every single person I know who use to play, moved on from Gears.

My predictions: I foresee number five population dropping off even quicker. The campaign is gonna be another average Gears standard story and nothing more. Multiplayer will probably be a rainbow skin fest mess, will probably even have characters dressed as clowns.

On a more serious note, the reason I say this, is because… if anyone plays/played Forza Horizon or even Forza motorsport games, Forza Horizon 4 last year went completely backwards, removed things from the game that shouldn’t have been removed and added stupid things instead. Might be different developers entirely, but Gears 4 went backwards from 3, and now some of you might not agree (the ones who still play it seems) but that’s one of the reasons why this game is dead.

Gears 3 had the most strategic competitive gameplay and decent no grindy horde
Gears 1 had the most fun competitive gameplay and open lobbies
Gears 4 was just a poor mans version of 3 with grind this, grind that horde
Gears 2 was a glitchy, laggy Godzilla of a mess
Gears Judgment couldn’t even spell its own title correctly

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Just because it was not like the old game your friends all gave up? Games should change to try to encourage more players to play together and also have to make money. The player and weapon skins where in 3 but everybody says that was the best one ever just because it used the old true skill win rate ranking system and had the best(easiest) horde mode.

The weapon skins and characters are how they make that money. No money no more games man.

I like this one much better because they are actually taking your game performance into account when they rank you. This prevents trash players from getting high ranks just by teaming up with high skilled players and just winning games.

Horde mode was changed to try and encourage people to stay and fight all 50 waves by encouraging teamwork but they messed up by with the 20 wave bounty cards. Thats why there are 5 classes that all have different skills. It is hard to go through all 50 if half of the players quit and you dont have the right classes to get through the rest of the match. The old way made it easier to make it through with less people because every one could do everyone elses job if players left. Now we have to really work for those 50 waves which encourages players to use Looking For Group to squad up to go the whole 50 waves.

Any player who has played Gears 4 Horde for a long time and has gotten good at it will tell you the exact opposite. It is definitely not difficult once you have worked out the quirks and best ways to go about things. Dropshots basically allow you to annihilate everything except bosses with a single hit once you’ve learnt how to use it well, class skills under their current form make even Inconceivable easy, if your team has any clue what they are doing.

The difficulty in this system is not inherent, it comes from the players’ ineptitude at either learning their class roles or not wanting to play a certain class, and because it almost makes an engineer and Scout mandatory on Insane and Inconceivable. Without them, 90% of players almost certainly will not even attempt to make the run. Gears 3 Horde was simpler and while I have not had the chance to play it much yet due to various reasons(though I would definitely like to), you claiming it was easier baffles me. You didn’t have a weapon which allowed you to one hit kill almost any enemy upon a direct hit on the body, you had no damage boosting or ammo boosting skills, and forts seemed way less useful than they are in Gears 4(excluding maybe the Silverback), and were more restricted. You couldn’t build Sentries in mass to hide behind. You didn’t have damage reduction skills. Waves were more randomized so you could never expect with 100% certainty what enemies you would encounter. But apparently it is easier because everyone could actually do whatever they wanted with complete freedom? Yeah, right. With the proper setup and good team in Gears 4 you can do Inconceivable Horde with ONLY decoys. I’ve done it before without any issues. There were simply so many decoys no enemy would ever get close. Could you do that in Gears 3? I don’t see how and why Gears 3 Horde would be simpler of all the things, than Gears 4. In the latter you have all these “crutches” so to speak, and the game is a piece of cake even on the two highest difficulties once you get a good team together. I know that from experience, having spent over 45 days total in Horde for Gears 4(according to my War Journal). Worst case scenario you have some sentry spammer or just have to hide behind a wall of them and they’ll kill everything in sight. That’s more difficult than Gears 3 Horde where you had complete freedom of your actions and actually always had to do something yourself to ensure the match was successful?

To me it seems a lot like Gears 3 Horde is just better in every aspect than Gears 4 Horde except for the building system not being as free. It had more enemies, more wave randomization, more player freedom in what THEY wanted to do instead of a class system that doesn’t work half the time(and that’s being very optimistic) in public matchmaking. Yes, LFG exists, but is it really up to the player to fix the faults of the system created by the developer? If anything there should be the option to choose between the Gears 4 Horde class system or playing a mode closer to Gears 3 Horde. I can’t say how many positive experiences I’ve had with the class system but I definitely have had more negative experiences than positive with it, and would actually prefer playing a Gears 3 type Horde with the building system liberties Gears 4 introduced. Not to mention I could just use my preferred weapon combo to my hearts’ delight(Longshot + Lancer ftw). I’m sure @Duffman_GB would be inclined to agree that Gears 3 Horde is better than 4 in most regards.

Not read your entire post, I will. Just wanted to say:

2.0 it is a perfect as you are going to get, hopefully I will be saying that at 4.0



All of what you said requires a team of at least two people and what i said was that gears 3 horde was the easiest to finish all 50 waves alone because you can play all classes with one character. I have only seen people doing al 50 waves alone in 4 is with the heavy or sniper classes. Being left high a dry by a team of random playets in horde in 4 makes it almost impossible to finish all 50 waves by yourself. Gears 3 horde made it so much easier to finish all 50 waves if you got left by yourself.

All of the enemy weapons could be picked up in 3 so you absolutly had a gun that decimated all, even boss waves if you were smart about how you used those weopons. Active reloads give you a damage boost if the modifier is not used.

Gears three had active reload modifiers in private matches that increased the damage of all weapons but you had to hit the active other wise your gun would jam.

If you did not set up in a good area of the map or did not upgrade forts they sucked in 3 yes but if your all alone getting all the cash then building and upgrading decoys and sentrys along with fences to slow them down made everything but boss waves a cake walk.

You still had to level up each skill to get the abilty to upgrade fortifications. Even though i only had some of my skills to level 2 I could usually go through all 50 alone depending on where I set up and which map Im playing.

I have not been able to get anywhere close to 50 alone even on casual with skills a level 2 and 3 in this one. Not even with the heavy or sniper class because I need those perks from skills to save my but on boss waves. The boss waves in this one alone are crazy because every boss can kill you instantly if they get close enough and fences break like their made plastic. At least 3 was managable as the bosses were kind of slow and if you got one that was a pain you could die and just get a different easier one. Now you get the same treatment from every boss instant death when close enough and they can all fit through doors.

Everybody that played 3 alone in the higher waves would die on boss waves until reavers spawned and then hid inside where the reavers could not follow. This cant happen in 4 unless you put the fabricator in a one way door hole with no other entrances and you get a snacther or swarmak as the boss.

Does this not also mean easier as finishing a 50 wave run can be done with out a team of people. Nobody likes horde in 4 because you have to depend on people staying in and doing their classes job.