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2000 credits gear packs

(Bleeding Pepper) #21

No. Whether something is a rip off or not isn’t determined by whether it’s an essential item or a luxury item. That is completely irrelevant.

There’s a couple of different definitions and usages of the word. The main one refers to a product being of poor value. Value is generally determined by factors such as the cost of the item to buy, and the quality of it. I’d say that this is a subjective term, but when you consider that eSports packs cost a fairly large sum of money and is subject to RNG, then the majority of fans will argue that it’s poor value. The hardcore fans will still buy it, but this is out of loyalty and passion for the game. It doesn’t mean they feel that they are getting value.

The other definition of a rip-off, is a fraudulant product, for example forgeries or bootlegs.

(DLCarr17) #22

The idea of something being a Rip off is subjective. Plus ripping someone off Implies that one person is being duped out of something. It says clearly in the description, this is the cost for the possibility of pulling these items. You are guaranteed one character and 2 weapon skins from that set (esports) or at least one epic level card in feature packs. You arent being tricked or swindled. You are being offered the possibility of these items and this is the cost to take a shot or you can pay this amount to get exactly what you want. That’s not a RIP off its basic economics. They have a product that you either want or dont want at the price they are willing to sell it to you. A Rip off would be saying you’ll get this exactly and then not giving it to you.

Now on the other hand you can look at it as just the expression of “being a RIP off” as in the price is higher than you think the product is worth. That’s where the subjective part comes in. You can see it as a not worth the price and you vote with your dollars. If noone buys these at that specific price then adjustments will be made but clearly there are lot of people who fall in the category of liking the price to being ok with it.

When the UIR packs released at 4400 credits and $10 a pop enough people were unhappy with that price point that TC quickly made changes and have continued to tweak things since then to get to what for me is a pretty fair system. You may not agree and that doesnt make you wrong it just means we see it differently.

Sorry I wrote a text book here

(DLCarr17) #23

It’s funny how much you were writing at the same time I was writing the same thing in response to another member but you’re correct. Its subjective. Also why I point out that it’s a topic thats not easy to debate as it’s mostly based on opinion. If my opinion is correct to me and yours is correct to you then it’s unlikely that either of us will see the other persons perspective which leads to both parties just saying the same things over and over again. It’s ok for opinions to not match. We all have them and it doesnt make anyone right or wrong when they differ.

(HayMaker304) #24

Expect for horde skills.

You must first discover them. That’s a rip off.

(HayMaker304) #25

Honestly. The RNG for horde skills are a rip off.

The having the discover or learn them first before they become craftable is pretty crappy.

I’m almost reup8 and still don’t have all of them discovered.

I’m waiting on 2 epic skills to be “discovered”

(Ektope) #26

I disagree about 2,000 credits pack being a rip off. When I opened 2,000 credits pack, I knew it was going to be RNG. If it doesn’t go in my favour, it doesn’t mean it was a rip off. I knew it would be random, and there’s some chance of getting what I want.

A real rip off would be if a pack told you that you’d get a guaranteed character, but you didn’t get it.

(Ektope) #27

Remember when the individual black steel characters came around last year? Those weren’t a rip off.

(mendigo2005) #28

Yes, they were.

Prices here were still absurd

(ll R E D l) #29

Making people pay for something they can get for free is ripping people off. Just because its clear in the description what you are paying for doesnt mean you aren’t ripping people off. I havent heard of 1 game other than this doing that.


I honestly don’t believe it is a ripoff. It’s a voluntary transaction, and you are aware of what you are purchasing, and how much that purchase costs. It’s your choice on whether or not you want to buy it.

(ll R E D l) #31

It is voluntary but that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting ripped off. It’d be one thing if you knew the odds at getting something but there are no odds just luck


But you know that. You know that there is a chance that you won’t get what you want. But if you decide to take that chance, then that’s on you.
I also think the prices are too high, and there is a low probability of getting what I want, which is why I don’t plan to buy any packs this time around

(Bleeding Pepper) #33

As I mentioned, there are two distinct definitions of a “rip-off” and I think people are posting without being clear which definition they are referring to, which is making this thread a bit confusing.

Definition #1 - a fraudulent transaction. So where the product is not as advertised for example, or of the product is a fake, bootleg or imitation. E.g.: Tom was ripped off by the eBay seller who sold him forgeries.

Definition #2 - a transaction which represents poor value for money. This is a subjective term, and differs from person to person. It takes into account the monetary cost of the product, and the quality of the product (and probably some other factors too, but these two are the main ones). E.g.: Tom felt ripped off by the high price.

I’d say that Gear packs are not fraudulent because they are pretty clear in what it contains, that it’s RNG and so on.

However do these packs represent good value for money? That’s a matter of individual opinion. It seems that the majority of players who buy these packs will say no, they are a rip off due to the high price, and with RNG packs, doesn’t even guarantee you what you want. I should say again, that even people who choose to buy them, may not necessarily feel they got value for money.

(ll R E D l) #34

Again just because you know that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting ripped off. You think its fair that they include 2 cards that you can get for free? Like @Bleeding_Pepper said the value isn’t there for what you are receiving.


I agree with you. And I do think that feeling “ripped off” is completely subjective in this case. Everyone knows what they are paying for.
Now I am one who thinks that any voluntary transaction for a non-essential item is by default not a rip-off. You may disagree with the price, but if you purchase said item at the set price, then by definition I don’t believe that qualifies as a rip off


But like he said, it is completely subjective. To which I agree.
There is obviously a market for the BS packs at the set price. And unless TC has a massive decrease in their profit margins with regard to the BS packs, they will stay at that price.
I myself have purchased several BS packs and individuals in the past, and I don’t plan on buying the current one on account of the price.

(ll R E D l) #37

Is it because you arent getting the value for the price? I understand it subjective. If they didn’t include “filler” then I wouldn’t counsider it a ripoff just gambling without odds. But personally giving something that said person can get for free is ripping them off


But again, its voluntary, You are aware that there will be fillers. That’s a given.

I think we are arguing over definitions right now. I what you would call a “rip-off” I would call “annoying” .
Let your money talk. If you believe the end product is overvalued, then just don’t buy it. I am not trying to be harsh or anything. Again, I think that the BS packs are oftentimes lackluster at best. Which is why I’m not planning on purchasing the current ones.

I do think TC was smart about selling the characters and weapons separately in the past. I don’t know if they did that with the current pack or not

(ll R E D l) #39

I wouldn’t say we’re arguing we’re just having a conversation trying to get each other to see our points of views. But like I said before for the most part I do agree with what you’re saying. Except for the filler. Yes you know what you are getting into and its voluntary but for me the rip off comes in when you offer someone something they can get for free. Adding these into the packs to make people buy more to get what they want is the rip off.


Ok yeah I get what you’re saying, and it can be as annoying as heck.
I would like them to focus more on individual purchases. But they sadly won’t do that on account that it would bring in less revenue because it would take less money to get what you want. But then again, if you had cheep individual items, you might have more people buying them.