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2000 credits gear packs

(G3ears0fwarfan) #1

The 2000 packs are kind of a rip off. I got the same legendary character three times that I didn’t want I scraped him those three times


…thus creating a scrap surplus. Good for you!

(mendigo2005) #3

How about 400cr packs that never give you good cards?

(DLCarr17) #4

The 2k credit vs 400c packs are a choice. TC has confirmed more than once that your likely hood of getting a character is the same for a 2k credit pack as 5 400c. However there is no guarantee that it will be different characters each time or that it will be the character you want. That’s RNG for you which is also why TC now offers the ability to simply purchase the character that you want separately. So I disagree that any pack is “a rip off.”

I don’t think that individual purchase is available for older packs sadly. Maybe they will add that in.

(ll R E D l) #5

I personally don’t agree with that as I’ve gotten characters I wanted with less 2000k boxes than 400k boxes. Just cuz TC said it don’t make it true. The also said something along the lines of Gears 4 population was greater than 3 after a certain period of time

(mendigo2005) #6

Real money packs ARE rip-off


-Joe Rogan

(DLCarr17) #8

If you were forced to buy them to compete would agree. It’s just cosmetics so it’s just a choice to take the risk, grind more credits (I hated doing this as much as anybody else), wait for them to come around again, or just not worry about the skins. A Rip off is when you dont have a choice IMO.

(mendigo2005) #9

Rip off is when you charge 25% of the game price for a mere cosmetic item.

(DLCarr17) #10

That you don’t have to buy if you don’t want to. Doesn’t effect game play. Not a rip off. We will just have to agree to disagree on this one my friend.

(mendigo2005) #11


Let’s not talk about when we have only a chance to get a skin, even paying.

(DLCarr17) #12

Nobody liked that which is why now you can simply pay real money for what you want but that doesnt change the fact that’s is still cosmetic and there’s no reason to take that chance if you think it’s a Rip off.

Still going in circles, No reason to continue treading water.

(mendigo2005) #13

I spent ZERO on paid packs. You’re right, no NEED to spend on it.

Just checked the website store… Esport suporter is still RNG based no?


(RedDoog888) #14


I like it when i get multiple epic or legendary. I save up my gold credits and buy a tone of the packs to get what i can and also create scarp to buy the bounties i want and use or finish off my skill cards.

I think its a great system to get the gold credits and then use that to get bounties you like and fill out missing skins or character etc.

the game really gives you the choice to buy with cash, use credits to get or craft…

My sons rainbow siege game is not like that.

(DLCarr17) #15

It is. They have also had sales now of individually purchasable black steel characters but sadly the packs are still only RNG based. Would like to see the ability to just purchase these out right as well.

(DLCarr17) #16

I agree. It’s not a perfect system but it could be worse for sure.

(Bleeding Pepper) #17

From what TC have said, the amount of scrap you get per credits spent is the same across both packs; and the likelihood of getting a legendary card is the same per credit spent.

The key difference is that the 5-card packs are diluted with launch cards that are craftable. You still only get 3 cards featured in that particular featured series (4 if the emblem drops), but the epic weapons are more frequent. However the 3-card packs are better if you’re searching for a particular rare weapon from that featured series.

(ll R E D l) #18

This right here is why I don’t believe TC. Even with the 2 filler cards from my personal experience I always get the characters in a couple 2k packs(usually 3-5) compared to the 400 packs(usually more than 50)

(ll R E D l) #19

Thats not true. A lot of people don’t buy the packs because they are a rip off. Just because your not forced to buy something doesn’t mean its not a rip off. The fact that PAID esports packs is 1 reason they’re rip offs, the fact that you can pull the same cards from different paid packs are a rip off.

(Bleeding Pepper) #20

It seems to be luck, and my personal experience hasn’t made me thing there is a glaring difference in the two. My experience is that on a credit by credit basis, it normally takes me on average around 70,000cr to complete a set. I tend to choose the 2,000cr packs just because it’s fewer packs to open!

I’ve had excellent luck with the 2,000cr packs before (completed sets in under 30,000cr), and also very bad luck where on one occasion it took me 98 packs / 196,000cr to complete a set (it was the DOTD 2017 pack).