2000 credit packs better than 400 your thoughts

Then again Feral Horde Packs (400CR) had good Epic Horde Skill drop rate first time out.

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This is something we’re talking about following the Dizzy test results and recent feedback around 400 Credit Packs. The feedback in this thread is really appreciated.


The thing about those 2 packs is pretty funny, if you actually pay attention to the content, they both have 3 cards from the actual pack and the 2000 just has 2 extra cards from the game.


i feel that the 2000 packs “should” give us a higher drop rate in all cases , however, i have just bought 150 uir packs and apart from getting each character and all weapon skins, i was able to create 10,000 scrap, i am happy with that :+1:


Hopefully you can allow us to choose between buying the 2000 crate and 400 crate in a near future .
I personally prefer 2000
thanks for your reply .

Please allow us to buy more than a single Pack at a time with Credits.

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I took a screenshot, as my text misconfigured as I pasted:

I have no idea that those numbers are but I like your profile pic :grinning:


I actually just told my wife I found another predator in here!

As others have said, 400 credit packs are generally superior, statistically speaking.

What about 800? 4 legendary s in my first ever 6 ops packs, last 2 had double legendary s.

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In my opinion the 400CR boxes gives you a better chance to get what you need than 2000CR and you can get 5 of them compared to 1 maybe not so lucky box.

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I think no matter the price if 400 or 2000s
It all comes down to luck I guess

Yeah but honestly the only thing worth buy was the Horde Pack for 400CR. Everything else is all cosmetics. I get lucky here and there with Characters. It’s pretty hard to get CR. So much grinding but it’s not enough.

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I have done that “buying horde packs” but the drop rate is just worse than the 400s with character in it!
Horde feral pack on the other hand have better of not the best dropping rates because they contain the legendary cards (horde skills)
Hoping someday they return although seems like a long shot

I remember the Feral Horde Pack yes it was nice maybe it should return. I even played that event too it was different.

Lol! I just made a post about it :joy::joy::joy:

It sparked a Post lol good one

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Your welcome lol

400 are so much better in the 2000 packs you get craftable skins which makes no sense I didn’t receive 1 character on the Theron guard pack and I got like 20 or more