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"200 Rewards to Unlock"?

On the home page of, it says that there are over 200 rewards to unlock in the Tour of Duty. You can click the “Learn More” button and it takes you to view the rewards.

There are:
A. 43 rewards listed under the tab “Tour Rewards”
B. 16 rewards listed under the “Medals” tab

Grand total of rewards shown on the website for Tour of Duty? 59…

So, TC, what are the other 142+ rewards? (No, not 141 silly… remember, it’s “over” 200 rewards! 141 would only be 200 flat)

Oh, the best part? some of the rewards shown on the website are no longer unlockable because the event has already passed, i.e. Krampus Scion skin.

These people just straight up lie to customers!


Reading between the lines… or rather, look into it further. Weapon skins - each individual one likely counts as a reward. So, since there is 18 weapons and at least three sets in the Tour, that accounts for 54 already. Then you add all the banners, bloodsprays, marks, character skins. Not on or bothered to count right now, though, so someone else might have to do the math and see if it checks out.

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I know there are more than 200 rewards in the game overall. Some can be earned through Supply Drops, others bought for money in the Store.

But the claim on their website is there are 200 rewards in the Tour of Duty alone. I don’t think there are full weapon packs available in there, right?

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There are. The Training set, Frigid Blast and Onyx Guard. But they are spread apart across the Tour ranks or in case of the Onyx set, across the ranks and some medal sections.

Wait, okay, I see what you’re saying now, and I think you’re missing what I’m saying.

When I stated that there were 43 rewards listed on the website under the Tour Rewards tabs, that already includes counting the individual skins in those sets. For example, you see on the website the “Training Gnasher”, “Training Boomshot”, “Training Longshot,” etc. listed as individual rewards.


So again, where are the other rewards to make it 200+?

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Maybe each iron counts as 1 reward so when you get 50 iron for whatever rank it’s 50 rewards.:laughing:


The rewards you can unlock are in the store
Unlocking them cost you 500 iron

I wouldn’t know. I never actually counted the rewards all. Maybe ask them on the dev stream if your question gets acknowledged with the likely flame war against TC breaking out in chat because of their XP downgrade system.

This ain’t worth bringing up to them. The XP modifier needs to be the forefront of the bashing in the next stream, and every stream after that until they fix it.

This thread is more so just showing yet another example of how TC over-promises and under-delivers on everything…

L fuegos response is probably the real answer, they didn’t say 200 earnable items.

I wonder if they consider the characters from the Totems as part of the “rewards”. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

And they might have meant items throughout the entire Operation. Who knows. Though…

Who cares…I mean now this is just intentionally looking for stuff to bash them over. And I mean no offense to the OP. Man, at least try to remember that these are real people at TC. People just like you and I with real life problems. I’m 110% sure nobody at TC Actually wants the game to undeperform. I also try to remember that their are a lot of others things at play here. Including their boss being Microsoft, the game being on the forefront of gamepass ultimate which makes for odd monetization, and mandates by Microsoft.

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Real people blah blah blah doesn’t excuse their inability to count properly

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The Tour of Duty in Operation 2: Free For All features more than 200 exclusive earnable items that can be unlocked through completing daily Objectives and season long Medals. These items include character skins, weapon skins, Iron, expressions, executions and more.

Bro, you’re forgetting the blood sprays, expressions, and banners! The game is DRIPPING in content!

Wow, interesting. Wonder why they overshot so badly. Personally I couldnt care less about the fashion show so it’s whatever.

@ENKIL27 not trying to be argumentative. Just pretty sure they did count right. How many variants of the "training " gun skin do you have? I have a bunch yet it only shows 4 in the tour rewards. Their are skin sets that just don’t say “sets” on the tour page. Thats all. Nothing wrong with them counting every skin as 1 reward each. Its just creative marketing. Everyone does it.

Agreed. I personally couldn’t care less about the fashion show, marks, emotes, or banners. Like most people I just enjoy the new characters released. Its just the principle that they listed so many earnables and didn’t deliver. If you say 200 deliver 200, if that number was too lofty then lower it and be honest with us. If they are counting each individual iron piece as content then shame on them, thats how you drive a wedge between themselves and a fan base. I sincerely hope they right the ship for operation 3.

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