20 Waves Horde in Custom Lobbies

@Sashimi7699 pointed out earlier that custom lobbies have the option of 20 Wave Horde now.

I’ll spoil the experience for everyone right now:

It’s 50 Waves with a different name


Wouldn’t surprise me if it gets removed some time tomorrow, definite “oops” on TC’s part I’m sure.

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But its a sign more custom options are coming, which is a good thing.


Just found that out today.

The long way.

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Also I was just trying to do some xp grinding. Wasnt til wave 5 that I realized I accidentally created a beginner public lobby. At least it filled up and I didn’t have a long slog through a boring match. Of course I dont know if the extra xp is supposed to be turned on in customs but I got Infiltrator up a few levels.

It definitely works for both public and custom lobbies. Though being turned off today. I believe.

Well it was fun while it lasted. Hopefully they add a Valentine’s Day event. Probably be Cupid’s TBow tag if TC holds to the tradition of unchanged Horde and VS events. I just hope the beta tuning implementation isn’t part of a title update. Of course I finished the tour so I’m probably done until the end of operation 5 when theyre done drip feeding the store and everything is out. One can only take so much grinding Suege and Clock runs at a time.