20 plus minutes queue in solo

I m new in this game. I tried to play some ranked games in escalation but it takes always 20 mins before finding a match. Is this a problem?? Anyway i searching players to play togheter, ad me on xbox . Thanks.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:
Re wait, unfortunately it is not unusual to have to wait the amount of time you did.
It is however very, very frustrating to wait that amount of time to play what is Gears/TC premier mode!
I was waiting 30 minutes a few days back. To be fair my usual wait time is 10-15 minutes. I’m uk based, that will make a difference.

Have you tried social or Core ? Just to make sure you do not have an issue.

Also, just a tip , if you are new you might want to leave off Escalation for a bit. Another tip, p!ease do not quit out in Core or comp!

Good luck :+1:


Yes, Escalation is not the best/easiest mode to start with…

Try some social which will give you AI team mates and enemies to greatly reduce the wait time.

Also take a look at Looking For Group on xbox live, to try and find people to play with…

Welcome & good luck

I m not really new, as I have played a lot of hours gow 2 and 3 :wink: , I tried to search core games, and it takes a lots of time… while comunity match starts fast

In low populated areas the match making system treats solo players differently than in a group. In South America I can search for an hour and not find a match but if I search in a party it will find a match in 5-10 minutes. Half of the time it sends me to another server but at least I can play.

Rank also effect if have lower rank it will take so long to find a match