20 days and more

It has been approximately 20 days since I sent my ticket and there is no solution.
It’s already one day away from op 6, now what do I do? I keep waiting until they have time to fix it, send another ticket or uninstall the game.
thanks the coalition.

Keep waiting. Plenty have sent in tickets and still waiting longer than 20 days.


ok I’ll wait one more month will be enough or maybe two.

I am still waiting to hear back about a ticket from operation 2 or 3 about a bug stil present in the game lol.


Solution to what? Progress not working?

Out of curiosity, what was everyones problem that needed a ticket to be sent?

I just felt a bit lonely and was wondering if someone at TC wanted to talk.


already said this guy above, the only solution is to wait as long as necessary.

Chek the Trello page to see if your problem is at least on their radar.

I already reviewed it (re up 24 and 25 without rewards or gc, cards etc) the solution wait marked as urgent by the way

@TC_Kilo1062 @TC_Sera, can ya’ll help this person please?

Lol i thought maybe someone else had come across a sound issue that i have had more recently with op5, normally its when there are explosions but the sound comes out like its being listened too through and old walkie talkie then muted, no noise at all.

Which ticket - I know there are a few in a ‘holding pattern’ as they are being investigated by a few different areas.

No idea. I’m just trying to help the OP out (stranger to me). I saw a few threads where people were tagging you/Kilo and getting it done.

@TheNothorius - what’s your ticket number?

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This is part of the email that I received when I sent my ticket
“Your request # 54253 has been received and will be reviewed. If you haven’t already, please check out our help center for answers to frequently asked questions.”

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Wait two weeks more, no locust kadar and Lost control event.
I don’t even care about the re up, I just want them to let me play and get my rewards.
every week that I don’t fix this error, your error is content that I lose and may not get back to.