2 weeks straight with any new cog skin?

OK we got Hoffman, reyna and locust Zealot and I’m happy but now in the last 2 weeks we simply got same skins (recolored collectors skin) like Major Paduk and Clayton… Why?? Is the coalition taking time because they are working on some new skins or what? I would like to get more hivebuster skin variation like Hiveb. Hoffman or Tai kaliso or Kim (whatever)
And when will we get the last cog to fill the list??
I want Bernie Mataki, Michael Barrick, Sofia hendricks, Alex Brand, Armored Prescott from gow3, Adam Fenix from gow3, Valera, Ezra Loomis, Jace strutton and maybe I miss someone else.
Any chance to get these guys soon or in future operation as well??

Hivebuster Anya and Dizzy were among the latest leaks from a month ago that haven’t shown up yet but will likely come in the following weeks. Sadly no characters till the mid-drop and even then it’s a measly 2 characters and 1 map. They honestly dropped the ball hard with characters and maps this Operation compare to OP5 where got 13 characters and 5 maps

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2weeks? Have you checked the Esports-tab lately? We’re currently at a full month of nothing but Swarm.

Earliest you’ll see them will be late April. At least going by TCs “”“teaser”""".

As much as I adore the Swarm and Chrome Steel stuff my Swarm to COG cs ratio is a bit uneven

I bet those leaked skins are pretty much it for this game bar a few more heroics and specials.

Right now it’s 9 - 8 for me.

There’s 3 COG skins I’ll buy if they ever appear (Lizzie) and 2 returning, Swarm has 2 instead of 3 I’ll buy thanks to the ■■■■■■■■ with the Grenadier.

Would be stupid to ignore Sam/Anya with how thirsty some people are for them. But we still have 2 Skins left and they’re already recycling skins from the leaks, so it wouldn’t be that suprising.

I just really hope we get a CS for the Warden and Jinnbot. If these 2 are made and Lizzie isn’t hidden behind a leaderboard I’m pretty much set.

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Cs Warden… :flushed: I would lose it if they made one for him.

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i enjoy every second i get to play this game without the vinyl kait skin in it. cant wait for the hive buster dizzy though. the current featured carmine skin is pretty cool too