2 weapon tunings make it harder for newer players

So basically in my opinion Core and Comp tunings are basically 2 diffrent gears games. If you are good at comp and go play core after a few games you can abuse core and destroy kids espically if your in a 5 man who normally run escalation. But for core players espically new players they play core get good at it think they are gods so 1 day they decide 2 play esclation and because of the tuning they do bad… So basically you give them 2 options stick with core and they have got 2 a level after months that they are good ( new players ) or have 2 spam competitive esclation games just 2 get use 2 competitive tuning as they have been so use 2 core tuning as when you are new 2 gears… what gamemode will you play? TDM? New players aint going 2 play esclation straight away… So they will get use 2 core and most will stay away from competitive…

What this does? Well in the long run its just going 2 be the same people playing competitive as most new players will not want 2 get use 2 a new tuning when they already good at 1 tuning. So basically thats why I think core is more popular not because its easier because the new players started on core and competitive tuning is a complete diffrent game so they dont want 2 learn a whole new tuning.

Thats why there should be 1 tuning…

Wish they had how much players are still playing each gamemode. As thats really the only way you can counter my points if Esclation is getting nearlly as much people playing it as TDM, KOTH or if Execution getting morw then Guardian or Dodgeball in people playing… bet not…


The problem is, Core is the better tuning but eSports caters to Comp.

Hence why we have two.

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You really should have put “IMO” before that statement :wink:

Everyone likes different things, that’s great. We should not be equating our opinion with a universal fact…

They cater to two very different styles of play, and most people have a strong preference for one over the other. That preference will turn into whichever tuning caters better to that style, thus becoming the “better” tuning…

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IMO Core is aimed at people who want to play hardly ever switching away from the gnasher. Period.
In Core gnasher is extremely dangerous a long way. In Comp, it isn’t. So if you want to use your gnasher for upclose AND little aways 2 shot combat, Core will let you do that. In Comp, not so much…

Personally think the comp gnasher with core rifles would be ideal, but that exposes the bias in my preferences… that doesn’t mean I think comp is “better”, it’s just different.

I personally prefer the comp tuning, just feels better…

I understand why they have multiple tuning for it, can’t say I agree but I’m just a pleb… I think just having one way the gun work would make transitioning from a social to a competitive setting easier and more predictable… Going from OP mode to how it should work is kind of silly…

Aside from the weapon tuning, just making the game work like it should to me would make it great… Net code in this game is way hinky, I can understand the issues being on a P2P connection. Not so much on a dedicated server…

You need to relax a little, of course it’s my own opinion, I didn’t exactly say “it’s a fact…”

But you highlighted the exact problem, everyone has a preference, so why even bother calling for one tuning when it’s perfectly fine with two?

You want Comp? Go play comp.

You want Core? Go play Core.

Problem solved - or should say there’s isn’t really a problem or issue as it is, because I just play what I prefer, so makes no difference if the other exists or not.

Award for the biggest joke award right here :trophy:

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Thank you… Thank you very much… :wink:

It was an honor just to be nominated :wink:

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Don’t worry, get that trophy cabinet built because no doubt you’ll be picking up more soon :+1:

:wink: Yup!

(retroactively insert IMO at the start of my quoted statement :wink: )

Don’t worry, you get the award either way :+1:

From what I have seen there seems to be a big overlap between the set of players who love core and hate comp, and players who complain about rifles’ crossing power and ask for rifles to be nerfed.

Perhaps I should rephrase, and refer to players who don’t want to use their rifles. Plenty of gnasher happy core players use longshot, embar, torque, etc… So not so much never using anything other than gnashers, more like never using multi shot rifles :wink:

Is EVERYONE like that? Of course not. But I see a connection there… YMMV, of course.

I’ve just had 3 matches of KOTH in a row and nothing but rifles.

Hardly any gansher.

The higher up the skill range you go as well as stacked teams, it’s pretty much rifles.

Sure if your really close then gnasher but to suggest core is nothing but gnasher is ridiculous when I finish matches and everyone is on 10-30 downs.

It’s hard for experienced players too tbh. The 2 tunings are just so different, & up untill the next TU the movements are very different. It stinks that I prefer comp tuning & movement but the best mode imo is only in core for ranked.

If you ask me, Core is the better tuning. It feels a lot more like traditional Gears of War. But there shouldn’t be a division, there never has been until now.

I’ve been in many matches in Core tunings and constantly see a switch between Lancer and Gnasher, every match is different and it depends on the individual player’s play style and therefore gameplay of the entire tuning can’t be conjectured.

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The problem is. Comp is the better tuning but TC caters to casuals and traditionalists.

Hence why we have two.

But for real though, when I get gnashered from literally 15-20 feet away I can’t stand it. Now I know I can adjust my play style but I have not the patience for it these days.

Core is all about camping corners and 2-3 shot downing your opponent cross map with gnasher. It’s about who gets the first shot in.

Comp is about movement. One shotting not one but multiple players in one go is never out of the question. It’s just as much about evasion as it is landing your shots. Evasion in core? That’s camping behind a big fat wall.

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Some people don’t have :100: % accurate aim so roadie strafing to evade works well in Social and any other core modes.

Casuals can play either mode. There’s nothing that stops them from this. Nor do I find one more difficult than the other.

So you like to just run straight at people and don’t like that you get killed?

Sounds like Comp is the mode for you :+1:

Cross map? Really…

And first shot matters if you can follow it up with the next 1-2 shots. If you miss after the first, then it’s not really all about who gets the first.

You make it sound like every single person who gets the damage first, wins the duel …

Wow, so much rubbish in this paragraph right here.

Comp is about movement?

Comp punishes movement because when you are moving and bouncing, your health won’t regen and is STUCK.

Core encourages movement because you can bounce enough to get your health back and then go on the offensive.

Comp isn’t about the multi-kills for this precise reason, which means it’s even more effective to trap players via rifles.

I don’t know who you have been playing but Core KOTH is full of players moving around - because guess what? You need to move around for the rings and for power weapons.


Just to round it up here…


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I like tootsie pops and my favorite color is red. I don’t know why you felt compelled to say this

I have no idea why you felt compelled to say this either. Plenty of people who share this viewpoint and they’re not running straight into gnashers. I’m not onyx in core by running straight into gnashers.

Lol. It’s a figurative statement used to make a point about how I feel about it personally. Ever heard anyone sigh and say “I’ve got a million phone calls to make” or “this is going to take forever”. They don’t mean literally.

Yes, I know that.

My bad.

Sounds like someone needs to take their own advice that they so generously gave to someone else in this thread and “relax a little”.

Yes I’m aware of that in the last update they’ve implemented this. I’ve not noticed it so much myself. But I’m not wallbouncing amongst 500 players trying to get multi-kills in case it may look otherwise.

You just contradicted this in one of your posts above when you said “I’ve just had 3 matches of KOTH in a row and nothing but rifles.

Hardly any gansher.

The higher up the skill range you go as well as stacked teams, it’s pretty much rifles.”


No, I never said it was about multi-kills. I suggest you go back and actually read what I said. Not that it will make any difference.

Yeah, I’m aware of how KOTH works. I didn’t need to guess.

The movement needed to rotate wasn’t exactly what I was talking about when I said “movement”.

Anyway, now that thats out of the way I didn’t mean to offend you. My initial statement:

The problem is. Comp is the better tuning but TC caters to casuals and traditionalists.
Hence why we have two.

was a “playful” tongue in cheek attempt at mocking such blanket statements (like what you made) which IMO have no place in a PRODUCTIVE discussion forum. If you feel really can’t help it then saying “in my opinion” might work a little better next time.

Unless of course you like ruffling feathers. It can be fun sometimes and lots of people can’t stand it.

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