2 vs 2 ranking system

I just want to say since the TU4 now my shot gun seems to work :slight_smile: many thks.
So since yesterday I ve been playing 2 v 2 and was actually able to work my way up from Bronze to Gold :slight_smile: yay.

Then this happens I win 7-1 with MVP and I was on a long winning streak and then I went down from gold to Silver tier 3… So I decided to check my stats on gears5.com and the 2 vs 2 stats doesnt show up… Anyone can explain to me what happened there thks. btw on gears 4 2vs 2 Im onyx…

You can see the stats on the in-game stat board. It doesn’t show everything I don’t think but it shows the majority of what you want to see.

thks 4 the reply, but why can t we see it on the website where the stats are? all the other pvp ranking are there… I wanted to see my winning streak and so on in the game I can only see that now im silver 3…

Also my biggest question really is how can I keep going up from bronze 1 -2-3 / silver 1-2-3 then Gold (super big winning streak) then final match win 7 to 1 with MVP and lose a rank? I did save the clip on my Xbox but I dont know how to put it up on the forum… I would like to attach it as a proof.

7-0 with all the points. Dont let ur teammate even get any damage in on the enemy. Seriously git gud chump lol jk

I guess I do need 2 get good cuz it just happened again after a win went sl3 to sl1 thk tc

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O im not surprised though in this mess of a game.

I still have the most registration problems in 2v2 for some reason. :man_shrugging:. I will have to try it again i was D4 in Gears 4 and im Silver I in Gears 5 lol.

Please do & let me know. 4 times today my rank went down after wins n some MVPs… But Ido like the shotgun now…

Ranking system is trash. Don’t even pay attention to it or play another game while they fix it. I won 25-30 games yesterday & lost 2 matches. Went from diamond to onyx2. Kept losing -110 to -155 points a match & rarely reward me a measly 10 points for a win. Just because I had some bottish players & it’s somehow my fault.

Soak it in… over 25 games won, lost 2 matches… deranked from diamond & onyx 3… currently onyx2…

I said I was gonna take a break but my friend really wanted to play & I was up for it.

I like 2 vs 2 bcz I depend only on 1 other guy. Still not cool if you have a partner that sucks or quit but you still sometimes can win some… But yeah since yesterday I have about the same as you but from Gold to Silver 1… and even while I m silver 1 and winning I still go closer to top 100% lol.

I see someone else also posted a similar thing for other playmode…

I m disappointed bcz the shot gun feels nice now but the ranking is out of the window. Maybe they should focus a new game for Series X as in Gears of war 6 not Gears 6 but Gears of war 6…

I lost -154 points this match.

Apparently I need to walk on water to get any sort of points anymore. Like when you’re a higher rank the game expects the impossible out of you.

I swear TC either lost all pride in their product or they just do not care.

I can<t wrap my head around this kind of S…t

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I know … I guess I need 6,000 points & no deaths & a perfect 2-0 to get 50 points.

I’m with you. I’ve been saying this all along. But people just kiss TC toes. I used to too. But I’m tired of it. They need to have some pride & make this game what it’s meant to be. They’re losing so many customers because of this!

TC can be so much more if they had a little pride. The economic costs far benefit them if they only showed some pride.

They haven’t set up the to be to online yet it seems. But if you go to the stats option between games you can find a bunch of the stats you’re looking for such as kills per minute and so on. I don’t think it shows your win streak unfortunately.