2 vs 2 Gnasher visual glitch on Mid (Crane with lag)

I found this maybe 2 or 3 times in different matches, doesn’t depend on my connection (I had ping between 4 to 20, 20 to 40 and 100 to 180 on those matches).

The map is Mid (Small Foundation), it’s only on 1 round and doesn’t affect gameplay, or crash, it’s harmless.

I never encountered it on Gears 4, here on Gears 5 is only on Mid, I didn’t find it on Foundation.

In a random round, the box that is grabbed by the crane moves with “lag”. The only thing that it does is getting my atention to the box instead of the fight.

I would think that giant emote menu would be getting more in your way than a glitchy box you only see during the countdown, but… hey, good find!

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I didn’t know if that was my controller or the game, that’s why I didn’t ask about it :roll_eyes:

Now my controller spot enemies on horde at light speed, sometimes spot 2 or 5 times without ever pressing it. I’ll try to play as Keegan while I can :slight_smile: :laughing:

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Lolol. I didn’t even see the crane bs with the giant emote .
Tc should realize thats basically what you see when you 4 pointed. So you penalized twice. One for being hurt and 2 not being able to see because your hurt. Lol

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