2 vs 2 for gears 5

Hey guys, trying to end the day with something positive :wink:
Who else loved 2 vs 2.
and what map did you prefer in gears4?
And would you like to see it again in gears 5 ?

I really like wall bouncing and fast gnasher play and this mode is perfect for that. And players who dont like it all can stay away from these modes so everyone wins.

In gears 4 i was onyx 3 after months and months of practicing. Still got my β– β– β–  whooped by diamond players everytime. But it was cool to see how fast these guys are.
I still play a couple of games each evening. Especially now the EU servers for g5 dont work properly.
The reason i say this is i think when there are only 4 players in the game the server can maybe handle it?

Would like to hear your thoughts about this.

Myself and @Krylon_Blue

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Nothing like beating the enemy team 7-0 and going 11-0 K/D only to be told I am a lower than Bronze noob.

2v2 was the bomb. But I don’t think it would be very good in 5 unless they sped up the gameplay dramatically and made bouncing worthwhile.

Mid was infinitely better than Boxes. But I want them to make at least five 2v2s maps if they introduce it again. I’m sure it would hardly take any effort to do that.