2 vs 2 Boxes(Is it just wingman lite?)

Does it seem strange that 2 vs 2 boxes feels like a lite version of wingman…The mode works fine but seems like the most basic version of wingman…With only 2 teams and one weapon…People have demanded wingman back,i guess this is what they got for it…Well at the very least you got a new mode…Yea?

Wingman was much more entertaining and nowhere near as limited as Boxes.

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If I was anything close to Wingman, I would’ve expected more than two teams.

Eh, not really. The only similarity is that you can queue with a party of two. And that’s great - finally we can play something and do well without having a bunch of friends online. But Wingman could be played on any map, had weapon spawns, 5 teams, and a totally different strategy.

2v2 Boxes is just a mini game.

And, I believe 2v2 Gnashers is older than Wingman?

I might be (And probably am) wrong, but I thought 2v2 came first.

Not officially, but yeah it was a tradition started by the community in Gears 1.

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