2 things (shotgun & characters)

First of all I just want to thank TC because the shotgun meta FINALLY feels good since release so thank you for listening and starting to get that right.

The other thing and i apologize if there is an official thread elsewhere but i kept hearing about unlocking the new chatacters “like gears 3.” The previous operations chatacters totems seems to have disappeared as i didn’t complete them and I’m not seeing anything resembling a level or xp indicator as to when i would unlock dom for example. Please someone explain to me how to unlock them and please GOD don’t tell me they’re only purchasable now. 1 step forward 2 steps back I guess.

Characters all done through Gear Coins now, which are 100% earnable through gameplay.

You would have been compensated with some Gear Coins from partially completed Totems.

Check your Tour Of Duty and you’ll see that GC can be earned at particular ranks, and achieving categories in the Medal section.

Once you reach General rank in the TOD there is an extra infinite rank called Legend which loops on repeat and gives you 750 GC for every 12 stars earned.

Also you unlocking any character variant unlocks that character for use for play - it’s not like previously where you must own the default base character as well.