2 Suggestions for Versus Multiplayer

These are 2 ideas that have been with my for a while and I wanted to see the community’s opinion.

1- Recently TC did an update to change the weapon spawns on their new mode “Gridiron”. I ask, why not do the same for the other modes as well?

In my opinion, I believe that changing weapon spawns on all maps and modes can make them feel “new” and will force you to adapt new strategies and therefore keep the game fresh (a decent solution to lack of maps as well)

TC could change the weapon spawns every 4 months (operation release) so we can adapt to the new gameplay and make the game a little bit more interesting every operation.

2- This is a suggestion for King of the Hill and that is to change the hill patterns on every map.

People that play constantly this mode, know how to prepare when a Hill is almost up and switch immediately. I would say that changing the patterns can make the mode less predictable and more enjoyable as well.

Sometimes when you are playing solo against stacks, they would usually go 20 seconds before the hill is up and they would dominate that hill if they are very well organized.

Making a different hill pattern (maybe every 4 months as well) would allow people to adapt to the changes and also… well keep the game fresh.

Tell me what are your thoughts about this suggestions.

Change for the sake of change is usually not good, so why exactly would changing the weapon spawns be good for the game? Weapon spawns aren’t just important because they serve a purpose, but also because they sort of define the maps, Exhibit for example stands out because of the weird weapon rotation on that map.

Less predictable hill patterns is a fun idea, but one could also argue its less competitive because instead of each hill being a predictable objective to fight over you could see teams just get lucky and spawn right on the next hill, nevermind the fact that some hills very well could be awful.