2 suggestions for gears 6

I have these two suggestions for these two element of the game

Blood sprays

Instead of a blood spray being assign to a weapon, a player should assign a blood spray to a kill number and you could assign a rotation of 10

For example the first time a kill a player he would see blood my blood spray A the second time Blood spray B then C then D and so on. After 10 or 15 then go back to the first.

It would be fun to have a variety of blood spray show and people would be more incentivized to get more of them. So a win for player and for the coalition is they want to monetize them.

When gears 5 came out I did no care ata all for the blood spays, I could not see them that much since they only spayed the floor on an execution, but the moment they became visible then I wanted some of them. What is the point of getting cosmetics is you can see then or show then ?? I really liked what they did with the banners for the MVP but at the same time I was surprised that you could not show your banner unless you got an MVP. The banners in gears 6 should be like both gears 4 and gears 5, they should be visible in the menus and then on a bigger way if you get the MVP. What would make them even more fun would be that they could be combined form an image if an entire squad has then same banner. It could be as simple as if everyone has the same flag then a big image of the flag should show instead of four little flags. This could be something that players could have fun doing. The developer could have images that you can only see when a certain combinations of banners are pick by a team, hidden lore or achievements. The coalition could get really creative with a this.

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Best they (TC) not waste resources on this type of stuff, id rather they spent time on maps, modes and getting the general basic stuff right.

It adds nothing to the game.

Dont give them ideas please.


Make Banners Great Again :sparkles::fire:

I think they should remove both of these things in the next game and focus on things that the majority of players care about.


Image result for the new day gif

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In total agreement that these things should not return. They add absolutely nothing to gameplay while hogging valuable resources and talent best used anywhere else in development.

Who the hell thought blasting arterial spray through a stencil would be a good idea in a war game anyway?

Someone at TC high out of his mind: “You know what i think fast paced battlefields need? Arts and crafts time …but like, with blood on the ground!”

Months later:

Someone at TC still high out of his mind: “Nobody can see my genius in game. Can we like, make the blood spray pop up as an overlay dead-center on screen so like, people HAVE to see it when they get killed?!”

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hate to break it to both of you but the cosmetic deportment alone tapped into a specific market of players that they do not want to miss out on.

I truly do not believe TC can make a great Gears game soley on excellence. This isn’t 2007 anymore, times have changed and so has the demanding market. tl;dr you need a bit of everything, Not just “more important things” or better maps.

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Executions, emotes and skins can carry all the microtransactions. I dont think a single person ever hopped on gears 5 in the hope of looking for a new banner or bloodspray to spend money on.


I thought you meant all of that in general because its all cosmetics. I do believe people checked the store for bloodsprays when new ones were added to be fair. I don’t know, Gears players can be glue sniffers at times so taking away that stuff might upset some ppl.

At the very least removing bloodsprays would be the play but banners would be too much.

Carmines helmet and the cyclops’ laser are 2 examples of this. Unnecessary dev time that couldve been used on something actually important.


Exactly. Horrible and ugly additions that need not distract TC in the next instalment.


Middle finger bloodspray is too offensive anyways. Best to keep it out.


If the next game is not good is not going to be because they added more ways to use a banner or a blood spray you can be sure of that.
I see a few people here talking about resources like adding banner is the same as adding maps or something like that.

The reality is that this things are not going to hug that much resources, and even if some people are not into that other people are. So this a relatively easy way for the coalition to make money what’s good for the coalition is good for gears so I’m all for it. All this thing should stay it just makes business sense and since they are going to be there they should make them visible, desirable or have some fun functions that’s all I’m saying.

And again the amount of resources this would use has to be minimal so consider the return on investment

I’m more annoyed by the 83% bloodspray thing.

It seems more like TC’s middle finger to all players knowing the game mechanics are broken and they didn’t know how to fix it …so it’s our fault?

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I stand by not getting rid of banners. Those would be in two different deportments anyways unless you’re saying scrap the idea completely and just hire more map designers, which I don’t think it works like that.

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TC stopped making hives for escape because they couldnt make standard maps fast enough.


They way banners are used in gears 5 is a step backwards compared to 4, the only time i see a banner is on the mvp screen, all that time spent making them with a 1 in 10 chance of it been seen after x amount of minutes (game mode depending)

At least in 4 we could see them in lobbys, perhaps we need this
Image result for traditional chinese banner army

I agree its a step backwards but the concept of it is very nice. I wish it were like GoW4 aswell tbh.

That’s what I’m saying Eviljas, as cool looking as they are no one can see them so they should define toy bring gears 4 stile banners and they can keep 5 as well.

In fact they should have all the player shown with their banner at the end of the game with the MVP in front like in rainbow 6.

It was the weirdest thing to me that they scraped whAt they were doing in 4

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