2 stack looking for TDM People to play with

@o_GH0UL_o and I @JekyllBeast play most nights and win most matches. If you are Silver or higher add us on Xbox.


I’ll see my Silver 1 self out then I guess …

Lol it wasn’t really a requirement more of a guideline of where we are averaging. Fixed

It’s ok,

Wouldn’t wanna drag you guys down…

Im unranked rn not played really since reset. Just 4 koth games. but i know my way around gears TDM n got a mic. Just hit me up u need a fifth sub or something.

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Also sorry for double post. I am basically available at any day and time…

Dont worry about my job or finances… i can do what i am doing so, i can gears at any time

Added yall: if u wanna run tdm or some social later just to see what i can do, let me know

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Idk, weak sauce

I would play TDM more if i didn’t always have scrub team mates who run around trying to use the lancer at close range

Oof rookie numbers :wink:

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Hit me up. Rather help the players personally. Get more enjoyment out of that than playing ranked koth alone… its so depressing lol

Where are you located? That’s another issue.

We’re limited to EU or US east/Central (ideally east) due to our locations.

I’m in the EU and 75ms ping to east US is ok, but once you get to central at 100ms ping the game is too frustrating

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I’m in the US

East, West or Central?

I think i was silver before reset but i really cant member… also i did this just to win the x games for the medal. So i also wasnt tryin even solo qued very much, so tge stats r really piss poor honestly. just chillen till i got it. But with a team, ill give it my all so.

Ha sad it was a grind