2 seperate cards for gender no more

Just have 1 card then in the customization menu just press y 2 swap gender.


2 genders? REEEEEE

what? how old are you? 12? REEEEEEEEEEE

um i actually turned 4 last week

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Same goes for all character variants. Just unlock the variant (black steel, gearsmas, etc.) and switch the variant on the single character.

Hopefully they do this in G5

hopefully they dont do black-steel for gears 5

How come?


because 10$ for a chance to get a re-color is a rip-off and tbh the black steels dont always look that great this is coming from someone who has all the black steel skins for collection purposes, if they keep black steel in the gears 5 it needs to be directly purchasable

Need to be black steels for every character.

hmm no thanks

they will :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

doubtful because they’ll probably stop dropping further packs for this game about 6 months before gears 5 so they can focus on it i’m willing to bet esports 11 is going to be the last esports pack and then they’ll just release either every previous pack or the esports collection pack in march of next year it’s common for companies to devote 6 months before the game officially releases august-november then september or late november-early march then black steel is done

Can we get 3 genders, just incase I don’t feel like identifying as male or female…:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I want a Baird who identifies as gender fluid…

How would you know he’s gender fluid you ask?

Don’t worry, he won’t stop mentioning it.

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I want a female pouncer.

LOL we found the solution?