2 red dead redemption quesstions

Firstly is the game as people I know say it is.?
All I hear is its brilliant and the graphics are amazing.
I played the undead version of the first but couldn’t get into it.
I have been watching streams and YouTube videos but still not sure.

Second is, do I need the game to play the online beta that comes out soon. I thought I might give that a try and see what I think.

Just thought I’d get people’s opinions on ere.

It is awesome and yes re beta access. The only thing that stops it being best game ever is that it is not Gears :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Well, what about Undead Nightmare is it that turned you off?

The base game and the DLC story have some similarities and differences, so identifying what it is that prevented you from getting into Undead Nightmare could help answer whether RDR2 is for you or not.

GOTY bro. Everything about it is amazing. Its a masterpiece

Your a masterpiece :+1:t3:

red dead redemption 2 is a great game but it’s not as polished as people make it sound there’s a lot of little things that can ruin the experience if you do a lot of the side things like hunting where you have to watch the animation each and every time and if you try to go in between 2 trees sometimes the horse’s AI will try to auto path away from the trees and end up just ramming into something and flinging you off i’ve also gotten stuck on things and had to reload a save but the story and gameplay are both great

To be honest can’t remember.
I do think it was my first open world game and was running through a field with cows about 10 to 15 minutes into the game.
I’ve never been into them sort of games. I’ve also tried a couple of far cry games and was the same.
I’ve only enjoyed 2 to now. Them being early assassins creed and tc wildlands

I’m gonna give this a try as my wife keeps asking for a list of games I want which only consists of Battlefield v.
So dropped a few hints.

Thanks for all the feedback guys :+1: