2 Questions regarding PvE

Have you guys figured this out yet? An ETA for a fix maybe?

Great workaround, too bad the Tap also blocks it from re-appearing. Can you at least remove it from the enemy-pool until you fixed it? Really frustrating to waste an entire match because the Wakaatu doesn’t feel like coming back in Wave12/50.

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Looks like we had the same idea about the Wakaatu thing.


Not sure what you’re talking about but “significantly increased loading times” is what’s currently applied right? They take about 2mins? Otherwise they would be talking about “decreasing”, no?

The issue is the long load times, what should be fixed is well, that, so they are normal again.

Loading times in Op 1 and 2 were roughly 20-30 seconds compared to atleast 1-2 minutes these days, sometimes even longer when playing on lag

@AmicableWall421 @Dutch_x_Monster Eh… my comment was supposed to be a joke…

It’s not exactly obvious.


Hopefully these bugs get fixed at OP6 launch.

If TC needs to prioritize bugs. then the ‘Escape loading times’ bug can wait, but the ‘Wakaatu disappearing’ bug needs to be fixed ASAP. This bug has a potential to destroy a horde game completely, especially when the iron-man modifier is ON.

Good to see Michael responded to the thread where he could dodge the question regarding Escape:

Absolutely not. It took them over 3 months to even acknowledge it and it has been added as “Urgent” 2 months ago to their trello, yet there wasn’t a single word on it since then.

Remove the Wakaatu from the rotation until they deploy their fix, which already happened according to the post above. Interesting though that they decided waiting at least 7 weeks before implementing the fix would be ok.

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Yea what’s with that? It’s fixed internally already but won’t drop til mid-Op? The fact he said it without any explanation was kinda annoying

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He’s probably not the one making that decision and considering that TC considers PvE-folks as 2nd class citizens I’m not suprised either.

Yes, they should have fixed this by now. I forgot this problem was persistent for over three months.