2 Questions... (Ranked skins + Tour of Duty)

  • ‘How will we know which weeks you are able to earn Ranked weapon skins?’

And second:

  • ‘You say if we want content/characters in Tour of Duty, we need to get it before the next Operation is coming otherwise it’s done for. But later on you also say that once a character is introduced, it’s also earnable forever… (even if that Operation has passed)’

Seems kinda confusing to me…?

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That’s what I’m saying, they need to elaborate on that. It makes no sense the characters are in the tour of duty but they’ll disappear after the tour for good, yet they say they’ll stay around forever and that they can also be purchased.

My understanding is that characters will have a challenge to unlock, or can be purchased directly, and that the challenge for unlocking a character never goes away.
Character skins will be earnable in ToD, and will disappear at the end of a tour.