2 party limit in TDM!?!?

So we’re trying to play TDM and it’s saying the party limit for TDM is 2. We only have3 in our party. TDM is only 4 man teams now so why would they drop the limit on private parties. What’s the point of even trying to squad up? I honestly feel like every time Gears does something good they screw up 5 more times.


It was to prevent squads from crushing solo players but most of the people were asking for a fix in KOTH


It’s hard to accept the legitimacy of your surprise as this is old news.


Yea, seems like something tc would do. Team death match is a team based game but let a solo player cry about it and change the whole system. No wonder they only have a total of 300 players online now.

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Or to prevent me from crushing squad players and making them fight with their friends


They might as well not even of brought it back

Yeah, but there’s quickplay for that now

Don’t look at me man the versus developers are the ones who can’t seem to grasp versus.

@Agua_toxica Lmao. Honestly people who were complaining about this crap just couldn’t clutch up. I enjoyed playing against squads tbh

Solo players need to man up or party up