2 moments yesterday when Gears 5 lost me as a player, lol (video)

So first - 13 PumpkinBall matches, to get the Franken Imago… I get it ,and what do I see?? An Imago with a small plate on its head which looks like a little tin hat… Incredibly underwhelming… Really made me think that their approach was “well, we’ll give him away for FREE, so no point in making him good”… You know, like actually sticking parts of different characters into one… THAT is what Frankenstein is… The Skeletal Kait looks great, like the day of the dead characters which I loved,

BUT HER you have to PAY for… Right… Paid content good, free content poor… Gotcha…

And then this:

Yes, I know, I wasn’t hitting him in the head, but this guy runs through 17 active lancer bullet hits, with no visible slow down due to any stopping power, and then does a commando like lunge across what looks like 4m/12feet to kill me…

That was my last Gears 5 game. After that I jumped onto Gears 4, found KOTH games within 90 seconds, played many games - not a single AFK, not a single quitter, games filled with Diamond and Onyx players. Won some, lost some, had a blast every one, never once I got the “what TF was THAT BS?” feeling I got with Gear 5 almost every game…

I hoped Gears 5 was going to be a better gears 4… It isn’t. It’s a prettier game, which tries to kinda look like a gears game, but does away with most of what made gears games unique and different in the game world…

Anyhow, that’s me - if you love Gears 5, I’m glad for you, no problem, enjoy it… I am going back to enjoying Gears 4, as long as I can…


Here comes the “pros” and “vets” saying you missed all your shots lmao But seriously, that was painful to watch. You def hit him while in cover with a few shots and then laid into him with more. I love how the slid that far with the Mace and killed you.


it says 93% in 17 hits… :slight_smile: so I definitely hit him with 17 bullets, right… :slight_smile:

yeah, that’s what made me go 'yeah, this isn’t for me"…


I am confused. That should not happen. Even if they weren’t active reloaded bullets, that should still be a kill.
Only thing I would say is aim for the head. But regardless that shouldn’t ever happen.

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Yeah, regular bullets would’ve downed him too. It just goes to show how bad this game is.

that homing lunge is what really killed it for me… it’s the same one as with the knife, here (which I already posted elsehwere)

Those lunges, that’s not Gears to me…


92% in 17 hits?!?!?! WHAT.

The mace lunge is pretty bonkers but I guess gotta make a melee power weapon have some range outside the slow ground slam. To the lancer though breaker mace does give extra health, a point blank full gnasher shot will only do ~70% in comparison.

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most of my hits were peripheral hits, on the side/edge of the hit box, I suspect… I know I wasn’t hitting him in the centre mass, but I WAS hitting him… with active bullets… No slow down, no blocking of the lunge, etc…

What. That explains a lot. Ugh, well I’ve learned to high tail it away from any mace wielder anyway after being smashed while ten feet away by the stupid earthquake that thing makes.

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Still, that’s almost TWICE the amount of hits that should cause a down with non-active rounds (22). If you hit all active rounds, I’ve seen 9 shot downs. 17 hits regardless of their directness is crazy!! The BM does have that weird armor element to it though - I’m wondering if that had something to do with it.

It’s a power weapon. I don’t understand why people get more upset losing to the mace compared to losing to the boomshot, mulcher, or whatever. These weapons are meant to be OP by design.


probably… it provides a shield, I’ve noticed… And apparently that shield nullifies the active lancer’s stopping power…

Yeah well without some kind of extra health boost it would be kind of useless outside of surprise slams or corner camping.

Correct me if I’m wrong but active lancer doesn’t have increased damage only increased rate of fire.


and stopping power.

Does anybody really love being killed by a boom shot, mulched, etc? I didn’t know the BM gives extra armor, and knowing that can make a difference between being outraged that you hit a guy 17 times and didn’t kill him and shrugging it off as well it’s a power weapon, should of known better.


you’re missing the point. it’s about the lack of stopping power and command lunge, not that he didn’t die.

Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

Ah. Sorry.

I like the new Imago… If you look closely he IS made up of different pieces.

Lahnis Foot, Drone Arm, Locust Grenadiers Left Arm/Shoulder, ect.