2 Marksman canceling eachothers Ult

With 2 Marksman using the Ult. the first who starts his Ultimate won’t see anything anymore when the other Marksman uses X-Ray aswell.

This just ended in a Wipe because some Random thought it would be a great Idea to join as 2nd Marksman and then used his Ult. on Wave 25 while i was using it killing Sentinels.

Of course to make it even worse he didn’t manage to kill a single Sentinel.

Is there ever going to be a fix for this? It’s Crazy how issues like this are present over the Course of more then 3 Operations. (Not sure about glitched in 2 Marksman before it was officially possible to play with dublicate Classes)

Im also asking because a Buddy and i loved doing Sniper Duels in Gears 4.
Ever since OP5 we’re waiting for this to be possible.

Theoretically we could work around it (Not Ult while the other is using it ect.) but that’s not the real Solution to this Issue.


I doubt it will be fixed. If I host a lobby as Marksmen or join a public lobby I will always switch if there is another for this very reason. My guess is TC didn’t bother to change how the Ult works when they introduced the ability to have duplicate classes.

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Too bad alot of Players either don’t know or don’t care or maybe even do it to troll.

I think it is all to do with levelling and gaining skill cards.
It is the same thing when the daily horde maps have modifiers which nerfs certain classes but the random has to level up Demo when Bleed and Explosive damage is reduced by 90%.

Are you still able to shoot through walls or is both vision and penetration disabled? I find the penetration liets you hit some big enemies multiple times which can do massive damage and you don’t really even need to aim too hard

I never knew as I’m fairly new myself. Next time I’m a second marksman ill check the tac com to see if anyone is currently using it before I pop mine.

Shots can still go through the walls, at least it would in Op 5, but good luck actually hitting anything that is moving around without even seeing it.

I mean you can still get big boy damage on bosses and maybe scions if they keep that penetration power. Shame about the vision though.

That’s why I always don’t allow duplicated classes, never, specially with randoms. I kick them without doubt. No remorse.

its been an issue for awhile…its why i almost never play marksmen anymore even though I’m devastating…lol. I just can’t stand how most marksmen use their ult…and the fact that they cancel each others out makes it worse