2 maps from each game. Pick

Gears 1: Mansion, Subway
Gears 2: Allfathers Garden, Nowhere
Gears 3: Azura, Academy
Gears J: Library, Gondola
Gears 4: Dawn, Diner
Gears 5: Asylum, Exhibit

Not including any of the maps that we’ve seen brought back from Gears 4 since we still have access to them on current gen…

Gears 1 - Jacinto & Tyro Station

Gears 2 - River & Mansion

Gears 3 - Thrashball & Depths

Gears 1. - mausoleum, gridlock ( because you have to) subway comes 3rd

Gears 2 - so many - hail and blood drive ( river , ruins and fuel station come close)

Gears 3 - CHECK OUT AND AFTERMATH ( I dont think people remember tht map. It was aswome) Artillery comes close

Judgement - COULDNT TELL U. Played it for 10 days or less.

Impact , glory come close


Dang your picking so many maps that have been remade to many times. But hey that’s your opinion

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Gears 4. Lift and daytime lift

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Gears 1. Gridlock Raven down.
Gears 2 gridlock Raven down
Gears 3… You guessed it gridlock and Raven down
Gears 4? What a twist gridlock and Raven down

Which ones?
Blood drive n gridlock. They are good maps.

Im so tired of hearing this. They dont have to. It was a sh%t map in Gears 1, 2, 3, and 4 retire it, and while TC is at it retire Blood Drive, Checkout, Blooddrive, Clocktower, Ravens Down, and I wish they would have retired Canals as well

Doesnt mean we have to get them in EVERY game

The top of ruins looks insanely strong to me, my fear is it would just be too easy to camp up there the whole game. The map had good counters for this, but I seriously wonder who would bother going all the way around the bottom to flank on that map.

I would thats who lol. I always did in 2 with a lot of success. Also theres plenty of blind spots on the top leading down with enough cover to get around

you realize that GOW2 and GOW5 are different right? lancers were weaker, connections were worse (no dedicated servers at all) and you could argue that in general people have become better over time.

Its the same reason Blood Drive played best in GOW2… no way to just camp at spawn with lancers lol.

Yea I know.

Theres plenty of cover from the bridge and theres also a lot of blindspots from up there.

Also I think this map would work way better than River which everyone keeps asking for but will be shitshow

Better than River isnt’ saying much :joy:

Buy yeah I’m sick of this icey cold barren wasteland crap, I want a nice steamy lava pit for a change. Even Pahanu didn’t have lava and its like that easily would’ve fixed most of the map.

Its just funny that the same people complaining about lancer heavy maps are the same ones asking for River back.

Theres a bunch of good maps from 2 that would work with 5 and River is not 1 of them

River would be sick for horde, which is what some of the nostalgia comes from. I also am not excited for it because its another snow map, some like it hot.

Gears 1: Mansion, Process. I’m not going to pick anything that’s been remade already, otherwise Clocktower and Turret-less War Machine would be cool.

Gears 2 : Didn’t play much of Gears 2 admittedly but Jacinto was pretty fun and River could be cool.

Gears 3: Academy, Depths (I really like Anvil, Artillery, Cove and Hotel too)

edit: forgot to add River

Academy fans unite!

I don’t know how popular the map was (came later as a dlc for GOW3 mind you) but my god did that map play well, power positions were really weak and had plenty of counters and weapons to fight for. I never had a single match of Academy that was stalemate or stagnant.

Exhibit kinda takes the thunder out of depths but Depths was a work of art :worried: