2 maps from each game. Pick

Gears 1 - Sanctuary, Process

Gears 2 - Pavilion, Jacinto (Gears 2 version specifically)

Gears 3 - Mercy, Rustlung

Gears 4 - Dawn, Impact

Yea I hope it comes around, it would’ve been the right map for this game.
Only adjustments I think it’ll need would be including a bit more cover up top since there’s barely any there.

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1 mausoleum/rooftops
2 river/ruins
3 trenches/thrashball

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Gears 1 - Sanctuary & Garden
Gears 2 - Nowhere & Memorial (would love River though)
Gears 3 - Trenches & Thrashball arena
Gears Judgment - Disnt play it enough to like the maps, but if I have to say probs Gondola. That’s it.
Gears 4 - well 5 of the maps are already in the game.

Other than Rig and Alley— Judgement’s few maps were all pretty decent.

Which is more in tune with Rifworm Village than Mt Kadar.

Also 2 Gears games that have the HoD in the campaign but not 1 map that has it

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1- Mansion and Gridlock (sorry but its the only map I’m good at)
2- Jacinto and River (for Horde)
3- Azura and Aftermath (also for horde)
J- library and Rig (i love being the turret gunner)

We got these remakes already. You are also that 1% that actually enjoys rustlung


G1 Gridlock and process
G2 Gridlock and Blood Drive
G3 Gridlock and Blood Drive
GJ Boneyard and Blood Drive
G4 Gridlock and Blood Drive



I support this 110%

Right then as of 18/04/20 and subject to change thereafter!

Gears: Mansion, War Machine
Gears2: Hail, Ruins
Gears3: Artillery, Depths
Gears J: Lost City, Boneyard
Gears4: Relic, Reclaimed
Gears5: AFA, Asylum



No matter what you do,

It just isn’t enough :disappointed_relieved:

Sanctuary and tyro station were originally in gears 1 (I’m sure they were on PC)

Gears 1: Mansion and Rooftops,
Gears 2: River and Jacinto
Gears 3: Trenches and Azure

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Gears of war 1 - Process and Mansion
Gears of war 2 - River and Jacinto
Gears of war 3 - Thrashball and Trenches

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Definitely Rustlung I love that map, I will admit my mind kinda blanked on Gears 3 maps for some reason lol

GOW 1: Mansion, warmachine.
GOW2:Avalanche, Jacinto. (with cleaver easter egg achievement pls)
GOW3:Checkout, Mercy.

Gears 1: Mansion and Garden
Gears 2: Jacinto and Pavillon
Gears 3: Trenches and Artillery