2 maps from each game. Pick

If you can have 2 remakes form each game form gears 1-3 what would it be? Gears1- mansion, process. Gears2- ruins, jacinto. Gears3- azura, academy.

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Gears 1 - Mausoleum, Garden.

Gears 2 - Ruins, River.

Gears 3 - Trenches, Depths.


Trenches was a really campy map all said and done, that position where the one shot (R.I.P.) spawned was extremely easy to hold down, and the sandstorm is comparable to the snowstorm in Icebound.

My List:

Gears 1: Mansion, Mausoleum

Gears 2: Sanctuary, Tyro Station

Gears 3: Depths, Academy


There were other Gears games besides 4 and 5?


Unique map. TC can always change it up a little.


Good ones.

Campaigns should be played.

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Well if they change up the map design not only does that give them more work (then they have to do testing) it also means fans of the original won’t be too pleased because the map they loved is now bastardized.

Like the digger would have to be switched to the Dropshot (or boomshot) and the Oneshot with the Trishot I guess, just don’t see the map feeling the same even with the same layout due to the weapon changes.

Literally can just add something simple or take away something simple to make it less campy. Not really changing the map but the flow.

Gears 1 - Old Bones and Process

Gears 2 - Ruins and Jacinto

Gears 3 - Thrashball and Anvil


G1 - Mausoleum and Mansion
G2 - Ruins (best wingman map) and Jacinto
G3- Check out and Mercy

Loving everyones picks so far, so many good maps.

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that’s actually like saying… Hey guys I know WORD but is there also ACCESS, POWERPOINT AND EXCEL ?

are you sure ?

c’MON dave you really are pissing me off hahahahah :smile:


Gears 1 - Gold Rush & Courtyard
Gears 2 - Flood & Paviliion
Gears 3 - Drydock & Aftermath (Maybe Azura, since Drydock already saw a remake)
Gears J - Haven & Library
Gears 4 - Diner & Speyer (Feel like these maps are underrated)

But @ll_R_E_D_l we all know that Gridlock should come back.

Honestly they are worth taking a break from multiplayer to run through the campaign.

I will warn that the movement will feel horrible.

Gears 3 gives me a headache to play now at first. Not sure if you can disable camera shake in that game. It’s like a mad monkey is shaking the camera every time you run.

Gears 2 feels like molasses.

Gears 1, play UE. It’s ok.

I always liked judgment, but you’ll throw more nades without meaning to do so. The button scheme is so different.


Why are you trying to trigger me??? lol

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1 - Subway, Mansion
2 - Jacinto, Ruins
3 - Azura, Old Town
J - Library

I liked Library, okay?


Library, yes. We need more secret rooms.

Haven? Wasn’t that where you could board the raven and run a mulcher? Let’s go with no.

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I liked pretty much all of J’s maps, except for the alleyway one.

But I liked the dynamic elements to Library and Rig, and then the openness of Haven.

That was Rig, a map I didn’t care for the layout but I love dynamics. Haven was a free DLC map I believe, that came with Alex or something, but it was like an old COG cemetery or something in the snow.


Diner was such a good map i forgot about that one

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Gears 1 - Mausoleum & Fuel Depot
Gears 2 - Nowhere & Stasis (would be dope for Gears 5)
Gears 3 - Thrashball & Academy (maybe)

I think Judgment might have the worst camera shake, I went back to check and it’s like the DUI effect in GTA4. And sadly there’s no way to turn these off.

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I was surprised that this map didn’t come back, or at least no new maps about Mt Kadar.

The closest we get is Icebound.