2 man gauntlet is possible!

we were helping a buddy out with the gauntlet and he died in the first hallways so we just played onwards without him and we eventually managed gauntlet with just mac and Keegan!

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Any hive levels are doable with two players. Had a similar situation on the Labyrinth hive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Labyrinth can be done solo too, just gauntlet has a few faults taking away solo potential.

Master, right? Just to be clear.

Definitely beginner, yeah jk 10 master clears on gauntlet now ;). I only play master usually.

Once you get past the first set of scions it becomes easier with a decent Keegan and Mac.

Died numerous times on that first part.

Sigh… just got to the very last part and was last man standing and shot in the back by a Grenadier Elite with Overkill. The doors were practically shut…

I hate this map! :sob:

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First part is easy if you have a Mac that knows how to avoid scions and keegan doing the same to weapon locker his torque now.

Wahay, just cleared it this morning! :grinning:

Not playing this map EVER again on Master.

Have Keegan kill all enemies on the door spawn or no bueno. This map is soooo easy and fun though!!!