2-J remastered please

With skyrim and gta 5 getting ANOTHER rerelease why can’t the older gears games? I mean they don’t technically have to be developed by TC if that’s the issue as long as whoever is given the proper source code for each game

If they are going to do it I would rather see TC do it than another studio, and TC is currently busy with 6, maybe after 6 if MS sees that its profitable.

idk if they will tbh Gears 1 pvp died pretty quickly from what I’ve heard. Gears 2, 3 and Judgement seem fairly dead too.


2 of the most successful games versus a nice-franchise. Great comparison.

Bold of you to assume they’re still around.


How about settling for just a mastered version of Gears of War 6?

Long Live Guardian!!!


Because they are Skyrim and GTA 5. They have sold far more copies compared to Gears franchise as a whole.

Gears doesn’t even come close to popularity of these two…


Look at how long gears ue lasted, the only game that would actually live for a decent amount of time would be 3.

As for 2 and J. The campaigns should only be remasted. I doubt that many people would actually stick to playing 2 and J for that long. Itll be fun for some nostalgia and then people will get bored and move on.


Yea, but 6 is realistically still 2 or more years away. While I agree that TC should have ownership of such a project, there’s no reason another studio couldn’t help with a lot of the heavy lifting.

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A total remaster of gears 3 would be popular as hell man

You can still find full lobby’s whatever time you hop on. Game doesn’t die.

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Still can’t believe people make threads about wanting a remaster of Gears games when it will never happen.


They’ve done UE so I’d say there’s a strong chance another old title will be remastered down the line.

You mean the series X/S enhancements to the latest release for skyrim that will be free to those who own the xbox one version of the game?

And GTA getting its old titles remade? That is the equivalent of make a ps2 game work and look like a ps5 game…they could actually use the update unlike GoW titles.

GoW2-J all got back compat boosts that made them run and play smoother than on the 360. They still look decent compared to todays games and a remaster is truly not necessary nor would it be popular enough to stick around for a long lived multiplayer (look at UE).

While I would love a remastered campaign for the entire 360 series, it is not cost efficient to release with just minor upgrades to visuals.

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Sure Remaster the campaigns in the same vein as UE but don’t bother adding the multiplayer. UE’s multiplayer died so quickly.
I guess out of the 4 I would say 3 would last the longest as it seems to be many players introduction to the Gears franchise.

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I think the campaigns being remastered is a safer choice. TC makes their money and we get our lil slice of nostalgia.

Activision did it with MW2 and people were super happy about that.

Judgement should get a full-on remake, not a remaster. There’s a lot of stuff there they could do there, lore-wise, to fix or explain inconsistencies, as well as adding to the world.
For example:

-Retcon the Ragers as leftover Ukkon experiments (maybe as a result of mixing Berserkers with Drones) & tweak their enraged model to look a little more Lambent-esque (Like the Zealot & Disciple).
-Maybe not having SO many Onyx Guards. Cuz they got absolutely annihilated in that game, not very badass of them lmao. Maybe throw in a couple of NCOGs or COG Commandos, now that we have those guys in the lore.
-Make the Stalker Kantus canon and apart of Karn’s elite soldiers. Have one as a mini-boss like the Theron Elite in RAAM’s Shadow.
-Take other things out of the story that wouldn’t have even made sense to be there in the first place like the Shriekers, the Gears 3 Hammerburst, the whole “springing out of the floor” thing that the Savage Locust did, etc.

Speaking of the Savage Locust, if they ever did a Gears 3 Ultimate Edition, I’d hope they add in the cut characters like the Marauder & the Savage Kantus.
Just for the hell of it.
There’s a lot of subtle stuff like that that I wish they did for Gears 1 UE, but oh well lol. It’s still good as is.

Onyx Guards need to be at Onyx Point and at the Academy. It makes sense. But tbh Halvo Bay is where Onyx Guards pretty much lived so it makes sense as to why there were so many there.

To balance it out, we need to see some Onyx do some actual work.

Plus Karn is supposed to be intimidating, so the best of the best being dead in such large numbers was supposed to put a great factor in us.

Also the Lancer would need to be removed from Judgement. The MKII wasnt introduced until a year after the locust war. Judgement is like 2 or so months after E-Day.

I would want it to be like mcc

Huh. I never really thought about that lmao.

This, though.

This is also true. I guess he wouldn’t be one of the top dogs in the Locust army if he weren’t capable of stuff like that.

It was indeed. But, I also remember seeing someone say that the devs later changed it to be a few years after? But, maybe that person was just talking BS.
The latter would provide for more leniency, but I think the former would have a slightly more unique experience, I suppose.
Another thing btw, I think they straight up had Digger Launchers in the game. They would definitely have to remove that as well lol.

Either way, guess it doesn’t matter too much. This whole notion seems super unlikely in the first place.
But, I mean, it’s fun to imagine what could be lol.

Him destroying Gorasynia is something that im still waiting to see in canon. wheres the DLC where we play as Paduk and witness his country fall? It would be such a good dlc and give some much deserved limelight to Paduk, Karn, and the UIR.

Id love a TC member to debunk this. because TC knew to keep E-Day retro only in the gears 4 prologue, Kim and his gears used retros which is lore accurate. Tactics has a bit more leniency because it is a year after E-Day I believe. so Gabe getting first dibs on the new MKII would make sense considering his former rank, but then again maybe TC forgot their own lore. it could go either way.

that was in Aftermath though, which takes place during gears 3. I dont recall seeing any diggers in the Kilo campaign though, just sawed offs, cleavers, and other stuff.

So you mean like for cod:mw2 remaster story right?