2 Carriers and a Swarmak spawn on Frenzy

Any word on TC acknowledging the bug that spawns 3 bosses at once? Having to deal with 2 carriers and 1 swarmak on a Wave 12 frenzy all of a sudden makes Demo a lot more important to bring now.

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I don’t think its a bug and that isn’t even the worst boss combo. Are you referring to Frenzy or Mania? I don’t remember being lucky enough to get those spawns on Frenzy. Maybe one Carrier after the other one dies but not at the same time.

2 Carriers and a Swarmak!? :slightly_smiling_face:
When Horde Frenzy debuted there was a time when 4 bosses could spawn at the same time.
Once for me it was 1 Carrier and 3 Matriarch at the same time! :sweat_smile:
Maybe this old bug is back!? :thinking:

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I remember that too actually, same setup as you described. Also I believe both of them were much tankier back then too.

Good old times.

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I hope its not a bug and it stays like this. Horde needs excitement. They took away the Wakaatu and Swarmak combo because it was “too hard”. Hopefully they keep these new horde frenzy boss combos.

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lol no. I had that spawn earlier on Gridlock. Although I was playing 12 Wave Classic Horde.


(which reminds me, some of the options in the “____ Horde Options” section are still not able to be toggled.)

Saving it for Operation 8: The Big One/The Bugfest Grand Finale, I guess.

Or Operation 8 drop 2: Electric Bugaloo

Sounds like a challenge!

It must be a mistake!

Bro, thats not a Bug thats normal, i had a Matriach, Wakatuu and a Snatcher at once, sometimes you get lucky and have 2 bosses or unlucky and get 3

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Had that too, was pretty fun.
I admit though that was the first time I think I saw a 3 boss combo at once.(Without killing a carrier really quickly and it respawning I mean)

There was a Swarmak on one side and a Carrier on the other side. The Fabricator was behind us… with the second Carrier on it! :roll_eyes:

Another example… Beginner Horde… 2 Snatcher and a Matriarch… :roll_eyes:

Had the same last night, with a third snatcher spawning after one of the first two was killed. Fun stuff…

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Was playing classic frenzy yesterday on insane. Usually that is hard enough, still haven’tbeat all 12 without a failed wave. I was amazed to see 2 Wardens on 4. Made things a bit more challenging but we survived…just. Wave 8 though…2 Snatchers, a Matriarch with Scions on top. Certainly felt like a game over scenario but 2 players managed to survive. Can’t remember what caused the fail on 10 though…most likelythe usual case which is one or two player venturing too far from the team, going downand causing a domino effect.