2.9? Leak Or Peak?

It’s come to the attention that the problem with 2.0 still exists in 2.8. The soltuion was not slip distance, the solution was removing the cool down. How can you think that a game that is easier to play will sustain itself? How do you put recovery restrictions on players moving to handicap a system that doesn’t need handicapped? It’s not the philosophy that scares me, it’s that the answer to the problem has been in front of us for so long, that it makes you wonder what’s going on here? More precision with the shotgun? I like that, it only took over a year to figure out that the spread was off. Now how much longer will it take for the removal of the auto bounce and for players that are miscalculating distances and walls to pay the price in which all the vets did… that being PRACTICE!!! Check out the video below for more details thoughts and opinions for I ultimately beleive that this next update will shape the future in which gears of war will have.