2.8 competitive beta

The movement is how it should of been from launch. The gnasher is how it should of been from launch. The shot delay when shooting over cover being removed feels so good now and the auto aim when wall bouncing would make my shots miss more than hit, now my accuracy seems true to where my aim is.

It took a year or 2, like 100GB in updates but we nearly there, the only thing I disagree with is the reduced health Regen, that shouldn’t be a thing.

Too bad I have to search for 1 hour to find game or play with bots.

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Health Regen needs to be back to neutral over all movement.

I completely agree, however I would take this system over the current mess that we have that is 2.7 I can’t go back to that horrible movement system, it’s actually disgusting.

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Yeah, I can live with it however I think it’s fairer if health regen stays unaffected by movement preference.