2.8 beta thoughts

Gotta say loving the hyper bounce…makes alternate scheme feel amazing again …all speed with no accident rolls or just standing there like an idiot when it doesn’t register like it was doing b4 :joy:…now if that health Regen nerf can be removed they finally got themselves one step closer to perfection…aside from the server issues obviously :rofl:…also from day one I was noticing the cover shoot delays and so freaking glad they fixed that so much smoother and reactive to ur hand movement…I was afraid however that the health nerf might cause slow cod lancer type game play but TBH kinda glad players are still trying to push gnasher and slide tactics and learn the new system as intended


The beta 2.8 is really enjoyable. It feels real good to play with the gnasher when it acually connects. As i like wallbouncing and strafeing. Its a perfect fix. Also shooting from cover is nice and it feels responsive. After playing 2.8 and then playing the 2.7 and core, it just feels wrong. Iam just sad that its hard to find games in 2.8. The health regen is fine. I think that the lancers are a little bit too good now. Maybe take away ammo from it. So that it becomes more of an support weapon.