2 > 1 > 3 > Power Gap > 4 > 5 > Judgement

Don’t forget the Title Updates. We had how many? Like six or seven?

Every update the game was radically different. Then people started to glitch out the map so every game was trying to mortar the leader or last dude outta his spot… or glitch in and chainsaw him.

The lag-switches and tutorials on how to make your own. Or the fact GoW2 was the first to introduce the b-button cap because of nodded controllers lmao.


Every game had their pros and cons. Funny how people seem to forget that and for nostalgic reasons all of a sudden love games that they once hated. Now they complain over that TC made changes that the players actually wanted in place. A case of never being satisfied.

It is also funny how one can give such hard verdicts barely one week after release. I loved none of the previous Gears right from the start but the old games, as well as the new one, grew over time.

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Six, the last of which introduced a bug that could freeze your profile so oyu couldn’t make it past the title screen.

I got seriously 2.0 and a week later it happened to me. You have to rank reset yourself through training grounds to fix it.

Oh yeah, GoW2 was the first to have rank resets. Or how Epic had to change actual ranks into numbers because people glitched them.

Or how getting to level 80 was being 50% on your way to wings. Ha. Ha… ha.

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Level 50 was 10% of the way, 82 was halfway. 6,825,825 Exp from 1 to 100. I know that number by heart :wink:


Remember that Gears 2 xp site that helped calculate how much xp you had and needed?

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Yeah and put in average points per match and it would tell you how many games eta you had haha

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Hol up, I’mma have to stop you right there.

1=3 >4>2 > J (5 pending opinion but MP currently is a tad worse than J IMO. Judgment still has the best campaign in the series too, not that that matters).

My bias definitely real, since I was off put so much my Gear 2 in the beginning (played GoW1 through ALL of GoW2 era).

Gears 3 definitely hit, but Gears 1 is its own beast (mechanic wise too) and it must be respected.

1>2>3. did not finish 4 and judgement was pathetic,

4+3 >2 > 1> judgement

The comparison is based on the updated versions. Gears 2 was fun after title update 57;-). It only took them one year to do so.

Ah the TUs on GoW2, that brings me back.

I remember creating a thread titled something like “Since people are talking about what’s going to be on TU 6 when we’re still on TU 4, how about we talk about what should be on TU 983.” The stuff people posted were hilarious.

Man can’t believe my brain still remembers that but can’t remember what I ate for supper last night. :joy:

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That was you? I remember that thread!

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Yep, change of gt. Used to be Sgt Milkajug. :slightly_smiling_face: Can’t believe you still remember lol

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Pretty similar
Mine is:

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1 > 3 > 5 > 4 > 2

2 sucked for me. The wall frags and the short matches ruined the game for me after playing Gears 1 execution 19rounds to win for 2yrs before 2.

1 and 2 are way overrated.

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Saw that comment on gears 2, dont forget the infamous “two piece” where you would melee and then shotgun with no delay and the melee would auto aim shotty at there head. It was like everyone had aimbot. Or how about the boomshield/gnasher glitch? (turned you into a walking wall with a shotgun). And then all the lag switch idiot’s cause the game was hosted locally not on servers. Ohhhhh the good ol days. Nostalgia at its best.


Yeah …2piecing…forgot about this garbage gameplay mechanic.

There were a few spots on certain maps, (like near the scorcher on blood drive) where if your character got rag dolled into the wrong spot you were stuck there for a few seconds and then just randomly died.

Oh good times, I still remember on the night of launch trying to snipe an AFK guy only to have the first shot not register and the second count as a body shot. Then he disconnected and screwed the lobby cause he was host.

That is the worst take I’ve ever seen/

I said don’t @ me

also 2 piece is back in G5

Also remember getting ragdolled off the top bridge in ruin and glitching into the imulsion?