1v1 match Also 1v1 rank sounds cool

:rofl:I need Dimond to 1v1 this guy please help me in TDM

You don’t need to be a Diamond rank to bloody 1v1 anyone.

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according to the guy I was talking to. H e is too afraid to face me, and will only 1v1 if I am Diamond. him and his buddy are playing the cowered game. messaging and not joinig my invite. Sure lost the match, but I was MVP with a good K/D

So you need a Diamond in TDM (TEAM Deathmatch) to then go and 1v1 someone? :face_with_monocle:

How odd :sweat_smile:

I know right, so sad. Kids these days. It made me laugh. I am not worthy of the 1v1: :smile: Like they will find any excuse to not 1v1

1v1? Have you ever heard of fighting games?

yes, and I prefer GOW games.

1v1 me in Guardian

“1v1”…the most common thing I hear from the army of juvenile delinquents who’ve apparently slept with my Mother numerous times.

What legends they are. :unamused:


that is weird

Although you are correct, I would love to see a 1v1 ranked playlist

LMAO!!! That’s hilarious!! But on a side note, whomever challenges people to a 1v1 seriously has to rethink their life and where it is right now. Can’t stay in mommies basement your whole life now.

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Oh they can, and they will. :joy:

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I play games in a basement, but it is not my moms. That is the truth. My mom and step dad kicked me out by 18 years old. Then I payed rent. because the real world alone was scary, but not any more. It feels good not listeni9ng to someone. " When I had to go look for a job and pay rent, the words 'Do the Dish’s " annoyed me. So I pushed and worked hard to get a job to afford living on my own. Now, I can do the dish’s when ever I want

I’m OCD with cleanliness so I do my dishes straight after using them. Then they get dried and put back in the drawer they came from :+1: