1v1 master thread

We all know that a shotgun-only 1v1 is the best way to solve any issue. Thus, I’ve created this thread so that any people arguing on these forums can bring their disagreements here and schedule a time to settle their differences in a 1v1. I’ll start:
I need to 1v @Danny_Ucey per @Aloha_its_Kyle’s request. Also, I would like to go against @RelaxingKoty at some point, given that he butchered me in a custom match, and I was playing on my hotspot. Its Ethernet cable this time👍.
Feel free to post your upcoming 1v1s🥳


You have to play with your feet while standing on your head and all the while, you have to be writing a symphony with your hands.

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Don’t forget whistling

@GuiltyCrisis vs @SnubbS

@UthyrTheImpure Vs @BcuzimDRAGON

@GMBR1990 vs @grey_mineman


@Aloha_its_Kyle vs @TC_Clown

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What was are issue? So I can start building up hatred

I insulted your favorite food

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He said you can never be more than a friend to me.

And that you smell.

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You don’t play with me & @grey_mineman because “you had to eat” but you’re on the forums? Ok


I wear Calvin Klein Eternity so…I smell like how I think Superman & William Levi combined would smell


1v1 on canals. Meet me on high side.

Lol nice try.
Torque is mine.

That’s old if anything

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So why don’t we just get the God Squad of @Aloha_its_Kyle @Danny_Ucey @TC_Clown and I then just go mow through “Competitive”


Cuz kyle says i’m not good enough…

Damn. Thats rough.


Yes. But I’ll be ok.
At least when I play by myself, I get terrible randoms, so I feel better about myself

a 1v1? when, why, what, who, where?

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insulting that im not involved in that GOAT squad.

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