1v1 Gnashers Playlist?

With the introduction of the new 2v2 playlist last season I would like to suggest a new 1v1 Gnashers playlist similar if not identical to the existing 2v2 playlist. I’ve found myself resorting to using these new maps and settings for my 1v1 fights and I have to say, I have loved it as opposed to the traditional style of using Tdm for example, with those huge maps overflowing with power weapons. I’ve seen other games do this in the past and have great success, there is already a huge 1v1 community using gamebattles and alike for priv competitions. What are your thought, suggestions and opinions?

Edit: Halo for example uses a “Head to Head” playlist with great success.

I’d like just a 2v2 all weapons (GB) playlist. 1v1 would be cool too. That and more Gnasher-only maps. Doesn’t seem too hard to just block off an area and adjust the spawns.

Sounds a lot like a wingman playlist… That would go good with the core modes.