1st time since 06

Very disappointed to say that for the first time since 2006, I’ve actually trashed my Gears 5 disk.

The game is virtually impossible to play here in Australia… with the lag it’s super frustrating and I’ve stuck with this game for 16yrs!

What happened to this game is beyond me, i actually didn’t mind it at all…but the ping is the worst out of all the gears games I’ve experienced, it’s 2022 and think its pretty poor that latency can be such a problem.

So it’s time out for me until (if ever) anther better Gears appears.

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Of all the ‘06 vets that come and complain about Gears, I feel the most bad for you. I don’t blame any Australian for quitting this franchise with how poorly TC treats you. Kudos to you for sticking around for so long


Move to the states. Problem solved.

Australia where even the Ping is try to kill you…


Yeah, Ghost has expressed his feelings about TC not being very good at helping the Australian fan’s ping and matchmaking problems in 4 and 5. Hopefully in the next game they make it a better situation for the Aussie gamers.


Cast out from England, Cast out from Gears 5. Look on the bright side, you’re not Scottish and you have the weather.

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Feel your pain mate and not that is any consolation but playing from the UK and the connection/lag can be unplayable at times…in fact I’m finding this more often than not lately.

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if i were to play horde i usual let the out of country’s host and i deal with the lag!

You’re literally on the opposite side of the world from the other major Gears player populations, I don’t know what you expect TC to do.

Australia is only ~12k km from Mexico. Lol

I played against 2 people from Australia last night. Their pings were only 155ms. (Infinitely better than some of the people I normally play against in the country just south of the United States’s southern border.)

Weird part is as they loaded into the game my ping which was a solid 2ms shot up to 30ms. Regardless, those guys were untouchable.

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