1st match in and I can already say TC ruined this game

Forced PC crossplay blows & nice one having the PC icons removed as a “bug” yeah sure, but good job on ruining the simple omen too. Fire these guys already/end the franchise please

even Apex only matches Xbox with Playstation unless you party up with a PC player, but we all know this is because this game is dead

changing ranked was terrible too btw after all the excuses why we werent getting content and all the time spent changing the ranking system and the gnasher the whole time this game has been out to whatever tf this is too, nice.


Its not a bug, it was removed intentionally, not sure why they feel the need to add it back in.

To be fair the thing they changed to “ruin” the simple omen was fixing a bug with the omen.

I wouldnt say dead per se, but the game population is definately down, however I would argue that there really shouldnt be a toggle to disable crossplay.