19700 points win gain 158 = 18200

What is going on man ?
3% diamond 1 19700 points
Win 2 nil I’m MVP I gain 158 points
Then match results show I dropped to 58% diamond 1 with 18200 points .
What is going on with this game .

18200 and diamond 1 lucky you. I was 18300 and onyx 3 last operation

The ranking system is beyond broken. I play with two others regularly and both are Onyx 2-3 in KotH, I was Onyx 2 at top 7% two weeks ago and for some reason I’ve dropped back down to Silver 1 while both of my teammates are still Onyx 2-3. When we win I only get 100-225 points, but when we lose I’m losing 1,400 while they are only losing 100-200.

I have a higher K/D ratio and play just as good if not better than them…but I’m Silver 1 now. Yup.

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Please direct all ranking feedback to the stickied thread. Thank you.