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18 to 20 fps FPS lock

Hello I am playing GEARS 5 on the pc my pc is a R5 2600 - RTX 2060 6gb and I put the recommended setting for the game and I’m having problem with lock FPS is no more than 20 FPS, I do not know what else to do.

what FPS counter are you using? I want to check this for myself but for some reason fraps wont work with gears 5

There’s a setting in-game you can enable to show your FPS in the lower right hand side of the screen.

I already used the MSI and the game itself, already uninstalled the game and installed again and continues the same way.

Iv had some serious stability issues (lots of crashing) and some game breaking texture bugs since the last update. FPS during cut-scenes is stupidly low and it is inconsistent in other modes too. This game really wasnt optimised for PC very well at all.