1500 GP for winning a game..?

1500 GP for winning a game seems wrong when the max you can get by grinding in the game is 1050. This allows for crap payers to rank up faster than they should. This penalizes good players who are not a part of a good squad. When the ranking is individual, the point system should also allow for individuals to rank up accordingly to their skill, not the team’s.

To put things in perspective, consider two players in a KOTH
Player 1: 60 kills, 5 captures, and 5 breaks – basically does all he can but his team of randoms sucks and they lose – gets 1050
Player 2: 0 kills, 0 captures, and 0 breaks – manages to be carried by a strong team and wins – get 1500.

This is just CRAP!

I can understand that the winning team should be rewarded for the win, but it should be a reasonable number of points – which should really be a small portion of the total GP you can earn during a match (say 200-300).

This is an easy fix, hope someone from TC is reading this.


The problem with your analogy, is that the winning team still have to perform well enough to get the win.

It’s like taking a football team, all players performed well enough but one or two were below average. Yet they still won the game. Do the below average performing players not get a trophy too then?

Maybe a solo player could pay slightly less per match, versus a stacked team or something along those lines.

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Full zero’s across the board, not low numbers to show poor performance, full on 0 0 0 lol

Is there a cap on the GP counter in game? I don’t remember but I think in my first ranked match in the new system I went over 1000 GP. Of course it only rewarded me 1000 but I think I remember seeing 2000 or something. My minds failing me

Youre sayin somethin thats beenn said before many times

They must of played with 1 of my friends.
Sometimes i would rather have a bot.:sleepy:


I am taking an extreme example… most likely the 5th on the other team is probably getting some kills and all. But that’s not the point.

I’m all for reserving some points for match win to everyone on the winning team irrespective of their performance. But the number of points for winning the match must not be more than what you can earn based on your performance during the game.

Max GP on KOTH is 1050

Why not? What would be the point in winning a match then?

You seem more frustrated with your random team mates than anything else.

Well in my suggestion, you are still getting a bump in points for win

The point is: You should be earning your points/ranks instead of being carried to a higher rank.

And by focussing on performance, it wouldn’t matter how bad my random teammates are doing in a game … everyone would have earned their ranks for themselves…

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I agree with you, I hope we get that kind of rank system back so I can return to ranked.

I get what you’re saying, but I think by putting more weight on the win than any specific individual factor (kills, caps, etc) will ultimately over time rewards players that contribute in a way to help get a team win, which is what matters.

I’ve seen players in KOTH with a lot of kills and very few caps or breaks. I’ve seen players getting in 1 v 1 battles across the map then doing a long execution while 20 sec of cap time tick off. Their individual stats can be good, but they’re not doing what’s best to help the team.

As a player that’s not great at killing, I have benefited from the ranking system because I contribute to getting wins, despite lower individual stats. One game the other day I had 12 more caps than my next highest capping teammate.

And if you are good, you’re team is more likely to win and you’ll rank up. I was skeptical at first, but I actually like the team credit being high.

I have a full rant reserved for this :slight_smile:

But in a nutshell, the specific case that you are pointing out can be better addressed without creating another problem (by virtue of just handing out too many points for a win), like this one: Is EVERYONE onyx now?

I’ll elaborate:
There’s probably an opportunity to change the GP allocation for caps and breaks in KOTH. GP for caps and breaks is 150 v/s 900 for elims in KOTH. At least in my mind that’s too low . YMMV.

As far as elims go, even if you blow a kiss to someone who is killed by one of your teammates you still get GP… I can still get behind that since you are at least doing something and actually helping your team.

I think a big part of it though is where you get your kills and how you help your team. You can get a ton of elims by doing a useless amount of damage from all the way across the map. You can get in gnasher battles away from the ring. But if you consistently go to the ring for captures and breaks and kills, your team is more likely to win. Esp if you’re the 1st person to run in for the break and stay to try to get kills. And there isn’t an easy stat for that other than wins. It’s not just caps and breaks, it’s “does what you do ultimately lead to your team winning”
Over the course of many games, those who contribute to wins, will be rewarded, because they will win more on average.

I dunno how I feel about reducing the point system based on performance. I mean yes there are players who go up ranks and are completely useless but there are offensive and defensive players so it would be hard to judge who deserves what. For example I was playing KOTH the other day and had a pretty diverse team in skill. One guy on the mic litterally said “me and my buddy will distract you guys break” so we went for it and worked nearly everytime. Any way at the end it came up he had 2 captures and 1 break and very little elims (more than 10 less than 20) so I can only assume he finished less than 500 in game and was awarded the 1500 for the win. Point being should he not be entitled to go up a rank because he had very little on the score board? Honestly if it wasnt for his distractions that game could of been a total loss.

Dont get me wrong I have seen players who walk around like they never played gears that are carried to the next rank and it is a killer when it happens but there are support players like the one I mentioned who help the team and end up with low numbers on the score board but contributed to the win. I mean if TC can figure it out then hooray but for now this is what we have.

They need to make it more than 1050… Cant tell you how many times im maxed out by rd 2 an my team is terrible cant even hold 4 secs on the last hill an force us to go rd 3 cuz they didnt max out… Shouldn’t have bronze an silvers an gold on myy team if im playin on a diamond level… Makes no fkn sense a D1/2 is facin a stack of masters an diamonds an i get a complete 5 random of onyx an gold