15 Minute Cooldown/Ban When Quitting

I’ve been playing Gears of WAR since launch 2006. Been a diehard fan since the first picture of the game in Game Informer or another gaming magazine…been too ling to remember.

On topic, I have pros and cons for this game, but will say it seems like this game was geared towards in frequent and the esport gears players. The multiplier has some pros and cons, but one of the biggest issues is people quiting, especially early in a match. For example…King of the Hill: a player or teo will feel like they are going to lose or it isn’t a total blowout they quit. Only to leave their team in a 4v5 or 3v5 and then the snowball effect of that. You are never going to stop people from quitting, but their should be a penalty of some sorts. A 10-15 min ban the first time, 2nd time you get a 20 to 30 min, Third time a 1 hour bam. All in the same dath Rhett tgSure sometimes you get disconnected. So they build an algorithm to detect false disconnects.

Ok, let me dive in here. This is my favorite topic lol.

In my opinion, they should do the following for repeat quitters:

  1. disable their ability to choose their character and weapon skins - default skins.
  2. put them in quitter lobbies, with and vs quitters - do this by adding quit percentage to the mm factors of ping, wait time and rank.
  3. make them actively pay the penalty, which means they have to be actively searching in the game for the penalty timer to run - this way they cannot quit and go to another game while the timer runs. The timer will never run unless they pay it. Can they let it run and go take a showr or go out? No, because they could pass the timer, find a match, and get penalized all over again for going afk/quitting.

Why do people quit?

-They see they have a high ping and they throw all personal responsibility over their gameplay out the window.

-They could have a challenge to get x elims with a cog character but they get swarm. If they are not having the absolute best game of their life then they will quit.

-They get lancered one too many times. buh-bye. gnasher only!!!

-they enter a campy game? same thing, adios.

-they have a challenge to win on x map. you guessed it.

The community is simply not competitive, they want it to be like that then they have to make it like that.

They could avoid about 8.4 trillion problems by casualizing the matchamking - like cod

but okay, here is what they have to do

-quitter penalties

-better matchmaking

-rewards to those who don’t quit

and a forfeit option for those of us who are left to suffer the cry babies booboo poopoo in their used diaper. forfeit option has been acknowledged and might get worked on, but they said it takes a lot of money and resources to do since everything has to be aligned on the server side.

Buy your delivery driver macs and we will better the game. yee-haw!

Btw,…the timer will begin at 30 mins and increment by 30 mins for repeat offenses.

Oh, people also quit because they simply do NOT care.

TC has to curve all this behavior and do it right or let it go and make ranked like quickplay and put a league play playlist for real competition - winning would dictate ranks, maybe a little performance but mainly winning

winning in league play would get you 3 pts
losing a close game - 2-1 in koth - 1 pt
losing will get you 0 pts

This post contains all solutions for this juggernaut of a problem.

Your welcome.

I’ve been playing Gears of WAR since launch 2006. Been a diehard fan since the first picture of the game in Game Informer or another gaming magazine…been too ling to remember.

Pretty good ideas. I was a bit tired writing this, but yes, there are manu reasons why people quit.

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Nah that’s dumb. Tweak the game to discourage quitting rather than relinquishing accountability and just banning people who have problems with the game.

Quitting is dumb. It’s not a ban, it’s a cool down.