$15 for some stupid weapon skins!

Are you kidding me? You want your community to pay 1,500 steel for some common weapon skins. What???


Gotta say those are some crappy skins for $15, These skins are terrible please give us some better ones. I’m usually the one to buy them but these are not tempting at all. Maybe TC doing me a favor by making me save my money, thanks TC


This is from the October 1st What’s Up.
4 weeks later I can honestly say it’s gotten considerably worse not better.


15€ for ugly skins lol

Then don’t buy them.


TC never ceases to disappoint me.


It’s better then Delivery Mac at least lol

Good to know that every new store item dictates having multiple posts.

Seriously, the mock outrage is getting old. You can only be so shocked at the store prices two months in. We get it. They’re expensive.


Lol I hear you on this just don’t buy them. I was hoping for some dope looking skins for 15 Dollars when I seen them I was just smh. Lol maybe that’s how they roll in Canada, no disrespect to my neighbors to the North, but DAM! Lol maybe that shitz looks good to them.

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There are some idiots who will pay it

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All the prices are down, and the content has improved. There’s no pleasing this community.


LoL your not wrong shame my post was deleted have a feeling you would have agreed with it.

It’s because it’s a “Full set”
That’s the reason of the overpriced.

It’s plenty know by now, that store are lead by a different group aside the coalition.

Everyone are talking of the skins, but they even dared to put the swarm execution (already in game) for 500 iron because you can do it with Boltok hahahaha.

Don’t know who are the team in charge of store and why in the name of sweetness they have not been fired by now.

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They had a $5 “LOL” blood spray the other day, which yes, did make me laugh. I feel bad for anyone who actually bought it.

Character skins have decreased in price though. They’ve gone from $10 to $8

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HEY! You leave the great country of Canada out of this! No more maple syrup and poutine for you young man. We’re cutting you off. Actually, you’re all cut off!


Rather than overhauling individual prices, they just said meh cut it all by 20%.

Which is why there’s 500 ($5.00) LOL blood sprays and stuff of the sort.

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If players would not buy all the overpriced and meaningless cosmetics this would probably not even be a problem.
I can not in my wildest imagination comprehend who buys these things, but still I see someone running around every day with bought stuff.

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